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  1. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 Đề số 21 SỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO KỲ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI LỚP 9 THCS HÀ NAM NĂM HỌC 2017 - 2018 ĐỀ CHÍNH THỨC Mụn: Tiếng Anh Thời gian làm bài: 150 phỳt (Đề thi gồm 08 trang, thớ sinh làm bài ngay vào đề thi này) SECTION A: LISTENING (30 points) Part I. Listen to Thomas Lambert talking about his life as a ballet dancer. Choose the correct answer. (10 points) 1. How did Thomas feel about doing performing arts? A. It was important to maintain a family tradition. B. It was something he was born to do. C. He wasn’t talented enough to become a pianist. D. he found it interesting and important. 2. Thomas went to different ballet schools because A. he liked performing in different places. B. he enjoyed travelling to different countries. C. he needed to find out what suited him best. D. he wanted to get the widest range of experience. 3. What does Thomas like best about ballet? A. It’s difficult to get it right. B. It involves more than movement. C. Each ballet tells a story and it attracts him. D. It’s fun performing in front of an audience. 4. What does Thomas like best about awards? A. Some of them are worth more than others. B. It is very important to him. C. Dancers have to win them while they are young. D. It’s difficult to win them because dancers have a short career. 5. Thomas says that by the time he stops dancing he wants to have A. studied more about ballet. B. started to teach ballet to new students. C. increased audiences for ballet. D. made the most of his time on stage. Part II. Listen and fill the information you hear in the numbered spaces. NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS OR A NUMBER for each space. (10 points) Transport from Airport to Milton Example Answer Distance: .147 miles Options * Car hire - don’t want to drive * (1) . - expensive * Greyhound bus -$ 15 single , (2). . return - direct to the City centre - long (3) . . * Airport (4) - door to door service - need to (5) . . Part III. You will hear a conversation between a girl and her father about what she’s going to study next year. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. Put a () in the box under A for YES and under B for No. (10 points) Yes NO Statements (A) (B) 1
  2. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 0.Charlotte wants to study Spanish because she thinks Spanish is easy.  1. Chartlotte’s grandmother was born in England. 2. Charlotte’s father is sorry he can’t speak Chinese. 3. Charlotte’s father is keen on her studying in China. 4. Charlotte plans to go to China alone. 5. Charlotte and her father agree that her mother wants to visit China. SECTION B. PHONETICS (10 points) Part I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest. (5 points) 1. A. breathtaking B. breathe C. mouth D. monthly 2. A. spectacular B. sandal C. affordable D. negative 3. A. career B. peer C. pear D. appear 4. A. shortage B. carriage C. teenage D. storage 5. A. climber B. subtle C. debtor D. probable Your answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Part II. Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from the others in the group.(5 points) 1. A. volunteer B. understand C. temperature D. scientific 2. A. accidental B. sensitivity C. beneficial D. industrial 3. A. television B. information C. economic D. engineer 4. A. adolescence B. metropolitant C. multicultural D. spectacular 5. A. swallow B. extinct C. crisis D. journey SECTION C. LEXICO AND GRAMMAR (65 points) Part I. Choose the word, phrase or expression which best completes each sentence. (15 points) 1. He thought the talk was fascinating. His friend, ___, fell asleep halfway through it. A. although B. nevertheless C. therefore D. B or C 2. All of the students___ the seniors will receive their grades in two weeks. A. but B. so C. and D. or 3. The press puts ___ on the police forces who were unable to cope with the crowd of savage hooligans. A. fault B. charge C. blame D. guilt 4. We couldn’t stay long so we only wished Mark many happy ___ of his birthday and hurried to the airport. A. days B. returns C. moments D. regards 5. "Did you like the novel that I gave you last week?” - “ ___ the novels that I’ve read, I enjoyed this one the most.” A. All of B. Of all C. For all D. From all 6. “Excuse me, is this seat free?” - “___” A. No, you can’t sit here. C. Sorry, it is taken. B. Yes, it is seated by a boy. D. Yes, but I don’t know so. 7. Noone who was invited to the party last night came, ___? A. didn’t they B. weren’t they C. did they D. was he 8. He may be shy now, but he’ll soon come out of his ___ when he meets the right girl. A. shoe B. shell C. shed D. hole 9. “By the way, have you heard the one about the Welshman, the Irishman and the pig?” 2
  3. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 “Yes, we have. That joke’s as old as___”. A. Solomon B. the hills C. a dinosaur D. Jupiter 10. Just think, ___ two years’ time, we’ll be 18! A. under B. over C. after D. in 11. The referee called off the soccer game because of the darkness. A. canceled B. postponed C. put off D. called up 12. Matthew has changed his ___ several times about buying a new car. A. sight B. view C. head D. mind 13. We're living in an apartment for now, but soon we'll be looking for a house to buy. A. in a hurry B. to shake hands C. for the time being D. up to now 14. Playing ___ violin was to be ___ great adventure for him. He knew ___ little about it. A. ứ/a/a B. the/ ứ /a C. a/a/a D. the/a/ ứ 15. Of the two shirts, this one is ___ A. the prettiest B. the most pretty C. more pretty D. the prettier Your answers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Part II. Give the correct form of the words (20 points) Computer skills in the office To be (0) successfully in the bussiness market, it is vital for a company to keep up 0.Success with all the latest technological development. Nowadays it is (1)___ 1. Wide accepted that running a company without computers, in particular, is virtually (2)___ . This is why businesses are so keen to hire the best people available 2. Possible for their technology departments. Apart from the needs of the technology department, it is important that almost all 3. employ (3)___ have some degree of (4) ___ with personal or desktop 4. Familiar computers, even if this involves no more than the (5) ___ of a basic 5. Complete computer course. Like all new things, however, most people will only become 6. Comfort (6)___ with using computers after practical experience . Thanks to computers, today’s businesses are run and managed with far less 7. Difficult (7)___ than companies could hope to achieve in the past. For example, 8. Organise computers enable the (8)___ of huge amounts of information and greatly 9. Prepare speed up the (9) ___ of documents and reports. In short, although the average businessperson has no need to be a technology expert, 10. Like they are (10)___ to get very far without at least a basic knowledge of computers. Part III. Give the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets. (20 points) 1. You must tell me the truth. I insist on ( tell ) ___the truth. 2. But for his help, her project (not complete) ___so sucessfully. 3. (Not know) ___ where the theater was, she asked for directions at the hotel reception. 4. There you are! I ( wait) ___ for two hours. Where’ve you been? 5. Under the tree (some students/ stand) now. 6. I feel as if my head (be) ___on fire now, doctor. 7. He would rather he (visit) ___Halong bay last year. 3
  4. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 8. I'd love ( go) ___ to the party, but it was impossible. 9. One of the most urgent problems (face) ___ us now is the need to control population growth. 10. It’s high time we (do) ___ something to save the earth now. Your answers: 1 6 2 7 . 3 8 . 4 9 . 5 10 . Part IV. Each of the numbered lines in the passage contains a mistake, underline and correct it. (10 points) Plants and animals hold medicinal, agriculture, ecological value. Endangered 0. agricultural species must be protected and saved so that future generations can experience their presence and value. Plants and animals are responsible for a variety for useful medications. In fact, 1. . about forty percentage of all prescriptions written today are composed from the 2. . natural compounds of different species. These species not only save live, but they 3. . contribute to a prospering pharmaceutical industry worth over $40 billions annually. 4. . Unfortunately, only 5% of know plant species have been screened for their 5. . medicinal values, although we continue to lost up to 100 species daily. The Pacific 6. . yew, a slow-grow tree found in the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest, was 7. . historical considered a "trash" tree. However, a substance in its bark was recently 8. . identified as one of the more promising treatments for ovarian and breast cancer. 9. . Additionally, more than 3 million American heart disease sufferers would die with 10. . 72 hours of a heart attack without digitalis, a drug derived from the purple foxglove. SECTION D. READING COMPREHENSION (50 points) Part I. Fill in each gap with ONE suitable word to complete the following paragraph. (20 points) Psychologists have long been interested in ___(0) how___ we judge intelligence in strangers. Now scientists have designed tests ___(1)___ try to discover which cues help people to judge IQ accurately, and which cause them to get ___(2)___ wrong. High school pupils were videotaped answering thought- provoking questions and the videos were___(3)___shown to groups of judge’s who were asked to assess the students’ physical type and monitor a variety of behavioural cues. Next the judges were asked to rate the students’ intelligence. At the same time, each student was ___(4)___ required to sit a standard IQ test. 4
  5. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 Certain cues matched the ___(5)___ of the IQ tests more closely than others. ___(6)___ speaking quickly, using a lot of words or displaying ease of understanding caused the judges to rate the students’ intelligence highly, and was reflected in the IQ tests ___(7)___ cues seemed to give judges an entirely false impression of intelligence as measured by the IQ test. ___(8)___ the cues that led judges to assess students as dull were factors ___(9)___ as using halting speech or slang. Cues that led judges to view students as bright included talking loudly and using proper English. ___(10)___ of these straits correlated with measured IQ, however. Your answers: 1 6 2 7 . 3 8 . 4 9 . 5 10 . Part II. Choose the best word A, B, C or D to fill in spaces in the following passage. (10 points) NEW HUNT FOR LIFE IN SPACE British space scientists are planning to join the American in the race to find evidence of life on (1)___ planets. Alan Penny and his team at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory have designed a telescope that is 40 times more powerful than Hubble. Known as ‘Darwin’, his telescope could tell if planets 50 (2) ___ years away have any kind of life on them. Two days (3) ___, NASA scientists had shown a proof that one of Jupiter’s moons could support life, Penny announced that his telescope may be included in a European Space Agency mission. The Darwin project, with a (4) ___ of 500 million, is on a short list of two proposals. If approved it will probably be (5) ___around 2020, its destination somewhere between Mars and Jupiter. The blueprint is actually for five telescopes positioned 50 meters apart in space, slowly circling a (6) ___ processing station. The combined data from these telescopes would build up a full picture of a planet, picking out faint images that have never been seen before. Darwin would not be able to take detailed photographs of the planets it (7) ___, but Penny believes a second- generation telescope could be sent up to do this. He claims it is worthwhile mapping the universe around our (8)___ galaxy, even though these planets lie (9) ___our reach for the moment. The European Space Agency will make its decision (10) ___ Darwin within three years. 1. A. another B. other C. others D. the other 2. A. light B. lighten C. lightening D. lighting 3. A. following B. after C. next D. later 4. A. price B. schedule C. charge D. budget 5. A. driven B. fetched C. launched D. taken 6. A. central B. centre C. middle D. heart 7. A. invents B. searches C. discovers D. looks 8. A. alone B. same C. one D. own 9. A. out B. toward C. beyond D. over 10. A. of B. on C. about D. with Your answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Part III. Read the passage and choose the correct answer. (20 points) Water scarcity is fast becoming one of the major limiting factors in world crop production. In many areas, poor agricultural practices have led to increasing desertification and the loss of formerly arable lands. Consequently, those plant species that are well adapted to survival in dry climates are being looked at for an answer in developing more efficient crops to grow on marginally arable lands. 5
  6. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 Plants use several mechanisms to ensure their survival in desert environments. Some involve purely mechanical and physical adaptations, such as the shape of the plant's surface, smaller leaf size, and extensive root systems. Some of the adaptations are related to chemical mechanisms. Many plants, such as cacti, have internal gums and mucilage which give them water-retaining properties. Another chemical mechanism is that of the epicuticular wax layer. This wax layer acts as an impervious cover to protect the plant. It prevents excessive loss of internal moisture. It also protects the plant from external aggression, which can come from inorganic agents such as gases, or organic agents which include bacteria and plant pests. Researchers have proposed that synthetic waxes with similar protective abilities could be prepared based on knowledge of desert plants. If successfully developed, such a compound could be used to greatly increase a plant's ability to maintain health in such adverse situations as inadequate water supply, limited fertilizer availability, attack by pests, and poor storage after harvesting. 1. This passage deals mainly with ___. A. desertification B. decreasing water supply C. factors limiting crop production D. developing efficient plants 2. The word “arable” in the 1st paragraph is closest in meaning to ___. A. fertile B. parched C. barren D. marsh 3. Which of the following is a mechanical or physical mechanism that desert plants use? A. The plant’s shape B. The small root system C. The vast leaf size D. The high water system 4. The word “extensive” in the 2nd paragraph is closest in meaning to ___. A. spongy B. shallow C. widespread D. comprehensive 5. Which is one of the ways in which the epicuticular wax protects the plant? A. It helps the plant to avoid excessive moisture intake B. It helps the plant to attack aggressors. C. It releases gases against plant pests. D. It guards against bacteria. 6. The word “It” in the 2nd paragraph refers to___. A. another chemical mechanism B. the epicuticular wax layer C. an impervious plant like cover D. the loss of internal moisture 7. The word “aggression” in the 2nd paragraph is closest in meaning to___. A. attack B. agitation C. conditions D. surroundings 8. What is an example of an inorganic agent that may attack plants? A. Bacteria B. Insects C. Gas D. Pests 9. It can be inferred that synthetic stimulate waxes___. A. have not been developed yet B. have not succeeded C. have been determined to be impervious to organic and inorganic agents D. have the quality of causing bacteria 10. All of the following are examples of an adverse situation for crops EXCEPT___. A. inadequate water B. insufficient fertilize C. pest aggression D. proper storage Your answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. SECTION E. WRITING (45 points) Part I. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it. (10 points) 1. Keith certainly can’t be held responsible for the accident. - In no way ___ 2. Melissa’s father was very busy, but he still played with her. - No matter ___ 3. “I hear you won the championship. Congratulations!” Jane said to John. 6
  7. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 - Jane congratulated ___ 4. You must park your car in the right place; otherwise the police will give you a ticket. - Unless ___ 5. They have said that the police caught the man stealing my car. - The man ___ Part II. Rewrite each of the following sentences so that it means the same as the given one. Use the given word in brackets. Do not change the bold word. (10points) 1. He doesn’t get on well with his colleagues. terms ___ 2. He could not explain why he was always late to work. account ___ 3. She doesn’t see or hear from her childhood friends any more. lost - ___ 4. My boss says I can use his car whenever I want to as long as I am careful. disposal - ___ 5. That man reminds me a lot of my father. bears - ___ Part III. Writing (25 points) What are skills for teenagers to reduce stress and pressure ? In about 200 words, write an essay to express your point of view. KEY lgo30ctROz_KsgeQvc5&index=2&t=0s Đề số 22 KỲ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI LỚP 9 CẤP TỈNH Mụn: Tiếng Anh Thời gian làm bài: 150 phỳt A. LISTENING (3 points) PART 1. You will hear someone to a group of students about a visit to Arts centre. Listen and circle the correct answer. 1. There are still tickets for ___ A. the piano concert. B. Twelth Night. C. Spider and Rose. 2. The coach will leave at 3.30 because ___ A. they don’t want to miss the shows. B. they want free time at the Arts Centre. C. it’s a long journey to the Arts Centre. 3. You have to pay to see ___ A. the Russian ballet exhibition. B. the Scottish jewellery. C. the South American photographs. 4. You can buy clothes ___ 7
  8. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 A. on the first floor. B. in the sourvenir shop. C. close to the Arts Centre 5 . If you want a snack and a hot drink, try ___ A. the Fountain. B. Charlie’s. C. the cinema kiosk. PART 2. You will hear someone talking about a sports camp for children. For each question, fill in the missing in the numbered space. SUNNINGTON SPORTS CAMP Choice of afternoon activity Sign list outside (1) room Clothes Wear track suit, but also bring (2) . And a T-shirt 2 pairs of sports (3) . Food Lunch served in canteen every half-hour between 12.15 and (4) Snack bar sells drinks, chocolate and (5) Certificate Marks given for attitude: effect and team-work PART 3. You will hear a conversation between a young man, Mike, and his sister, Ann. They are talking about buying a wedding present for some friends of theirs. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, tick in the box under A for YES, put the tick in the box B for NO. Yes No 1. Mike likes to plan ahead more than Ann does 2. Ann thinks they should buy a useful present 3. Mike has known Tony the longest 4. Mike thinks he will enjoy the wedding 5. Ann prefers large wedding B. PHONETICS (1 point) I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Write your answers in the space provided below. (0.5 point) 1. A. sunbatheB. thunderstormC. earthquakeD. math 2. A. soundB. southernC. droughtD. mountain 3. A. practicedB. washedC. advertisedD. missed 4. A. relationship B. recommendC. residentD. revolution 5. A. exchange B. charityC. teacherD. chorus Your answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. II. Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from the others. Write your answers in the space provided below. (0.5 point) 1. A. compriseB. amaze C. surpriseD. backstage 2. A. propertyB. pollutionC. religionD. attainment 8
  9. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 3. A. electrician B. JapaneseC. comfortableD. possibility 4. A. celebrateB. considerC. expression D. criteria 5. A. population B. intelligentC. opportunity D. economics Your answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. C. LEXICO & GRAMMAR (6 points) I. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to fill in each blank. Write your answers in the space provided below. (2 points) 1. John’s score on the test is the highest in the class;___ . A. he should study last night B. he should have studied last night C. he must have studied last night D. he must have to study last night 2. My sister was on___ in the hospital last night. A. workB. alarmC. dutyD. service 3. She is wearing a ___. A. short nice nylon skirt B. nice short nylon skirt C. nylon short nice skirt D. nylon nice short skirt 4. My dad reminded me ___ his bike by 7 o’clock. A. return B. please return C. of returning D. to return 5. You won’t pass the examination ___ you study hard. A. if B. unless C. because D. but 6. There were over 45, 000 ___ at the football match. A. viewers B. spectators C. watchers D. witnesses 7. The headmaster___ us not to use mobile phones too much. A. advisedB. suggestedC. insistedD. forced 8. Peter was born and brought up in Hastings and knows it like the . A. nose on his face B. tip of his tongue C. back of his hand D. hair on his head 9. ___population is another unpleasant result we have to solve. A. Increased B. IncreasingC. The increaseD. To increase 10. My father does not have ___ yours. A. money more than B. as many money as C. more money as D. as much money as 11. ___ next Sunday. A. I would rather you had comeB. I would rather you have come C. should rather you cameD. I would rather you came 12. Using computer too much will make people tired , ___? A. will they B. won't theyC. won't it D. will it 13. I can’t ___ up with the noise you make whenever you are at home. A. keep B. catch C. face D. put 9
  10. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 14. In front of the house ___ . A. do students stoodB. students stoodC. stood students D. did students stand 15. Listening is the most difficult language ___ for me to master. A. one B. way C. skill D. job 16. No sooner had he sat down to lunch ___ there was a knock at the door. A. as B. thatC. when D. than 17. ___ appear, they are really much larger than the Earth. A. As the small starsB. The stars as small C. Despite of the small stars D. Small as the stars 18. Not until late 1960s ___ on the moon. A. that Americans walked B. did Americans walk C. when did Americans walk D. when Americans walked 19. Peter and Jane are at the stadium. - Peter: "Our team has just won the last football match." - Jane: - "___" A. Good idea. Thanks for the news. B. Yes. I guess it's very good. C. Well, that's very surprising! D. Yes, it's our pleasure. 20. Janet and Susan are at the gate of the school. - Janet: “Do you feel like going to the cinema this evening?” -Susan: "___.” A. You’re welcomeB. That would be great C. I feel very bored D. I don't agree, I'm afraid Your answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. II. Put the verbs in blanket into the correct form. Write your answers in the space provided. (2.0 points) 1. It is crucial that English (teach) ___ in a more practical way. 2. Without my parents’ financial support, I (not,be) ___ so successful now. My children enjoy (allow) ___ to stay up late when there is something special on television. 4. I didn’t do the test well. I (prepare) ___ it very carefully at home. 5. The cowboy (wound) ___ by an arrow fell of the horse. 6. Nam: "The maintenance people didn't remove the chairs from the ballroom." Huong: "Don't worry. They (move) ___ them before the dance begins." 7-8. It’s high time the local government (do) ___something about the sewage system which (not upgrade) ___ for years. 9-10. Come on, Hoa. I want to show you something. - Oh how nice of you! I (never think) ___ you (bring) ___ me a gift. Your answers: 10
  11. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. III: Write the correct FORM of each bracketed word in the numbered space provided in the column on the right. (0) has been done as an example.(1P) The origins of Halloween Halloween is celebrated in many parts of the (0)___ (WEST) world, and is a time when people dress up as witches or ghosts, and go "trick-or treating". It is (1) ___ (DOUBT) one of the most popular traditions in the United States and Britain. The celebration (2) ___(ORIGIN) about two thousand years ago with the Celts. These people were the (3) ___ (INHABIT) of an area that includes Britain, Ireland and Brittany. They relied on the land for their (4) ___ (LIVE), and this meant that they were at the mercy of (5) ___ (PREDICT) weather conditions, especially during the winter. The Celtic new year began on 1st November, which also marked the beginning of winter, a period (6) ___ (TRADITION) associated with death. On the eve of the new year, it was believed that the barriers between the worlds of the living and the dead were (7) ___ (TEMPORARY) withdrawn, and it was possible to communicate with spirits. The Celts believed that the spirits offered them (8) ___ (GUIDE) and protection, and the Druids (Celtic priests) were (9) ___ (REPUTE) able to predict the future on this point. When the Roman completed their (10) ___ (CONQUER) of Celtic lands, they added their own flavour to this festival. The advent of Christianity brought about yet other changes. Your answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. IV. The passage below contains 11 mistakes. (0) has been done for you as an example. IDENTIFY and CORRECT the other ten. (1 p) 0. all complete > completely Things started to go wrong as soon as we got to the hotel. We were all complete exhausted after our long journey and looking forward to shower and a rest. However, we found that our room has not ready, which was very annoy, although the manager was extremely apologetic. While we were waiting, we asked about the excursions to places of an interest which we had read about in brochure. Imagine how we felt when we were told they had all cancelled! Apparently, the person responsible for organize them had left suddenly and had not been replaced. Then Sally saw a notice pinning to the door of the restaurant, saying it has closed for redecoration, and Peter discovered that the swimming pool was empty. When we eventually got to our room we were horrified find that it was at the back of the hotel, and we had a view of a car park, which seemed to be used as a rubbish dump. We seriously began to wonder whether or not to stay. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 11
  12. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. D. READING. (5 points) I. Read the passage and choose one correct answer for each blank. Write your answers in the space provided below. (1.0pt) BRINGING UP A FAMILY “It can be so difficult to support a family and bring up children,” says Michael Wilson, father of two teenage girls. “It's something that nobody can ever prepare for you because every family (1) ___ of different people and personalities. Firstly, you have to make sure that everyone has what they (2)___. Children require so many things these days, from school uniforms and books, pens and pencils to games, toys, computers and, of course, clothes. Secondly, there is always the concern that they might be (3) ___ danger. I (4)___ so many terrible things on the news every day that I always wonder whether my own children are safe or (5) ___ and sometimes I get very concerned, even if they are only a little late (6) ___ home. That's what they don't (7) ___ when I tell them off. Of course, there are wonderful aspects to (8) ___ a family. It is a great pleasure to (9) ___ them grow and develop their own personalities, not to mention the love and warmth that exists in a family. My wife and children are the most precious things in my life and, (10) ___ the difficulties, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change a thing!” 1. A. includesB. consistsC. hasD. contains 2. A. needB. askC. wishD. request 3. A. onB. inC. atD. out 4. A. listenB. lookC. watchD. see 5. A. soB. noC. notD. what 6. A. reachingB. goingC. comingD. making 7. A. thinkB. imagineC. wonderD. understand 8. A. havingB. growingC. bringingD. rising 9. A. lookB. watchC. glimpseD. stare 10. A. howeverB. in spiteC. despiteD. although Your answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. II. Fill in each blank with one suitable word. Write your answers in the space provided below. (2.0pt) MANAGING YOUR TIME "Wasting time is (1) ___ wasting money". This is the slogan of Time Management Systems. "Most people", says Sam Flowers of TMS, "waste too much time on doing trivial things like finding telephone numbers, (2) ___ for pieces of paper on (3) ___ desks, and walking 12
  13. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 from one part of a building (4) ___ another. These can waste hours of your day. Then you haven't got time (5) ___ the important things. This applies to both your professional (6) ___ your personal life" The first step towards managing your time better (7) ___ keeping a time log. In a time log you record everything that you do (8) ___ the day. Then you calculate how much time you spent on (9) ___ thing - traveling, telephoning, eating, chatting, washing, writing letters, etc. " When they do a time log" says Sam Flowers, " most people are amazed (10) ___ how much time they waste". Your answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Question III: Read the passage and choose the best answers to questions below. (2.0 pts) 13
  14. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 There is a common expression in English language referring to a blue moon. When people say that something happens “only once in a blue moon”, they mean that it happens only very rarely, once in a great while. This expression has been around for at least a century and a half. There are references to this Line 5 expressions that date from the second half of the nineteenth century. The expression “a blue moon” has come to refer to the second full moon occurring in any given calendar month. A second full moon is not called a blue moon because it is particularly blue or is any different in the hue from the first full moon of the month. In stead, it is called a blue moon because it is so rare. Line 10 The moon needs a little more than 29 days to complete the cycle from full moon to full moon. Because every month except February has more than 29 days, every month will have at least one full moon (except February, which will have a full moon unless there is a full moon at the very end of January and another full moon at the very beginning of March). It is on the occasion when a given Line 15 calendar month has a second full moon that a blue moon occurs. This does not happen very often, only three or four times a decade. The blue moons of today are called blue moons because of their rarity and not because of their color; however, the expression “blue moon” may have come into existence in reference to unusual circumstances in which the moon actually Line 20 appeared blue. Certain natural phenomena of gigantic proportions can actually change the appearance of the moon from the Earth. The eruption of the Krakatao volcano in 1883 left dust particles in the atmosphere, which clouded the sun and gave the moon a bluish tint. This particular occurrence of the blue moon may have given rise to the expression that we use today. Another example occurred Line 25 more than a century later. When Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Philippines in 1991, the moon again took on a blue tint. 1. This passage is about___ . A. an idiomatic expression B. an unusual color C. a month on the calendar D. a phase of the moon 2. How long the expression “once in a blue moon” been around? A. For around 50 years B. For less than 100 years C. For more than 100 years D. For 200 years. 3. A blue moon could best be described as ___ . A. a full moon that is not blue in color B. a new moon that is blue in color C. a full moon that is blue in color D. a new moon that is not blue in color 4. The word “hue” in line 8 is closest in meaning to ___ . A. shape B. date C. color D. size 14
  15. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 5. Which of the following might be the date of a blue moon? A. January 1st B. February 28th C. April 15th D. December 31st 6. How many blue moons would there most likely be in a century? A. 4 B. 35 C. 70 D. 100 7. According to the passage, the moon actually looked blue ___ . A. after large volcanic eruptions B. when it occurred late in the month C. several times a year D. during the month of February 8. The expression “given rise to” in line 24 could be best replaced by ___ . A. created a need for B. elevated the level of C. spurred the creation of D. brighten the color of 9. Where in the passage does the author describe the duration of a lunar cycle? A. line 1- 3 B. line 6-7 C. line 9-10 D. line 13 – 15 10. In which paragraph does the author mention the two blue moons which were blue in color? A. Paragraph 1 B. Paragraph 2 C. Paragraph 3 D.Paragraph 1 & 3. Your answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. E. WRITING. (5 points) I. Finish the second sentence in such a way that it means exactly the same as the first one. (1.0 point) 1. I am certainly not going to lend you any more money. I have no ___. 2. The dentist will have to take out the infected tooth. The infected tooth ___. 3. Should I help Chau with the money my mum gave to me?” she wondered. She couldn’t ___. 4. I realy like her voice but not her choice of songs. Much ___. 5. Only three out of the six rooms we have booked have air conditioning. We have booked six rooms, only three ___. II. Do not change the given word, use it to rewrite each of the following sentences so that each has as a similar meaning as the original one. (1.0 point) 1. I am telling you this for you not to make a mistake. FEAR ___. 2. He is proud of his work. TAKES He ___ his work. 3. Everyone was surprised to see John leave the meeting early. SURPRISE To ___ the meeting early. 15
  16. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 4. She was just as good as they had thought. CAME ___. 5. If you want to understand Yeats’s poetry, you need to study Irish history. KEY Irish history ___ Yeats’s poetry. III. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “All children should learn at least one foreign language at school”? Write an essay ( about 220 to 250 words) to express your personal point of view. (3 points) KEY+AUDIO Đề 23 KỲ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI LỚP 9 THCS Mụn: Tiếng Anh SECTION I: LISTENING (3.0 points) (You will hear twice for each part) Part 1. You will hear a radio interview with a ballet dancer called Elena Karpov, who is talking about her life and career. For each question, put a tick in the correct box. 1. Elena decided to become a dancer when she was ___. A. sevenB. nineC. eleven 2. At ballet school in New York, Elena ___. A. was the only student from Bulgaria. B. found learning the language hard. C. learned to be independent. 3. What does Elena say about the ballet called Cinderella? A. Children will enjoy it. B. The music was unfamiliar to her. C. She saw it when she was a child. 4. In her free time, Elena likes to ___. A. go sightseeingB. go to clubsC. go shopping 5. What does Elena often do for her fans? A. She gives them a flower. B. She signs one of her photographs. C. She sends them a free ticket. 6. What does Elena like best about her job? A. appearing on television B. doing something she loves C. travelling to different countries Part 2. You will hear a group leader talking to some students who are going to visit an important athletics event in Birmingham. For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space. Athletics Championships * Date of college trip: (7) 15th of . * It’s the largest single sports competition in (8) * The number of national teams take part in is: (9) 16
  17. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 * Number of sports people who will compete: (10) . * How the group will travel to Birmingham: by (11) * They don’t hire coach because of the (12) * What group members must take on that day: (13) * Name of the website page: (14) * The day that other details will be available to students is on: (15) . SECTION II: LEXICO – GRAMMAR (7.0 points) Part 1: Questions from 16 to 36. (3.0 points - 0.15/ each) Choose the best answer to each question. 16. The family could not ___ because they had forgotten their passports. A. check upB. check outC. check throughD. check in 17. You’d better drive. I’m too ___ for such traffic. A. experiencedB. experiencingC. inexperiencedD. inexperiencing 18. ___ during the storm. A. They were collapsed the fence B. the fence was collapsed C. They collapsed the fenceD. The fence collapsed 19. The reviewer ___ Mathew's new novel as a new style of modern science fiction. A. chewed B. digested C. described D. drew 20. She is wearing a/an ___ ring. A. expensive nice goldB. nice gold expensive C. gold nice expensiveD. nice expensive gold 21. Mary has trouble ___ her homework. A. to rememberB. to rememberingC. rememberD. remembering 22. She ___ her neighbor’s children for the broken window. A. accusedB. blamedC. deniedD. complained 23. Children should be taught that they have to___ everything after they use it. A. put awayB. pick offC. collect upD. catch on 24. Whenever problems___ we discuss frankly and find solutions quickly. A. make upB. come upC. put upD. turn up 25. Many young people nowadays are prepared to___ getting married to pursue their professional careers. A. satisfyB. sacrificeC. preferD. confide 26. ___, we tried our best to complete it. A. Thanks to the difficult homeworkB. Despite the homework was difficult C. Difficult as the homework wasD. As though the homework was difficult 27. A learner driver must be ___ by a qualified driver. A. connected B. accompanied C. involved D. associated 28. A wedding is a good opportunity for ___ off new clothes. A. wearing B. carrying C. showing D. putting 29. He retired early ___ ill-health. A. on account of B. ahead of C. on behalf of D. in front of 17
  18. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 30. I have had some summer jobs but I have never been___employed. A. everB. occasionallyC. rarelyD. permanently 31. Mary attempted to ___herself with her new boss by volunteering to take on extra work. A. gratifyB. pleaseC. ingratiateD. commend 32. The injured man was taken to hospital and ___for internal injuries. A. curedB. healedC. operatedD. treated 33. The soldier was punished for ___to obey his commanding officer’s orders. A. refusingB. regrettingC. objectingD. resisting 34. I love this painting of an old man. He has such a ___ smile. A. childhoodB. childishC. childlessD. childlike 35. Nowadays children would prefer history ___ in more practical ways. A. to be taughtB. teachC. be taughtD. to be teaching Part 2: Questions from 36 to 45. (2 points - 0.2/ each) Use the correct form of the word in brackets to complete the following sentences. 36. Reduction in government spending will .further cuts in public NECESSARY services. 37. Good hygiene helps to the risk of infection. MINIMUM 38. She at first wanted to be a . but now she works as a doctor. LAW 39. In many countries it is .to smoke cigarettes under the age of sixteen. LEGAL 40. An investigation has been under way for several days into the of a APPEAR thirteen-year-old boy. 41. Nicholas admitted that the report was a pack of lies. FRANK 42. There's a high that the children will follow a different career. PROBABLE 43. The northern part of our country was slow to INDUSTRY 44. She has always been on our educational issues recently. SPEAK 45. The of the trains and the buses causes frustration and FREQUENT annoyance. Part 3: Questions from 46 to 50.(1 point - 0.2/ each) Each of the following sentences has an error. Find the errors and correct them. 46. The equipment in the office was badly in need of to be repaired. 47. The governor has not decided how to deal with the new problems already. 48. Insulin, using treat diabetes and is secured chiefly from the pancreas of cattle and hogs. 49. The people tried of defend their village, but they were finally forced to retreat. 50. The president refuses to accept either of the four new proposals made by the contractors. Part 4: Questions from 51 to 55.(1 point - 0.2/ each) Fill in each of the sentences with correct prepositions. 51. They enjoyed a popularity scarcely commensurate their actual merits. 52. You are no obligation to buy the product. Take it home and try it out for a week. 18
  19. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 53. she was very sad because her father passed . last week. 54. But I am surprised how much money they want to pay him! 55. I'm afraid; we have run of apple juice. Will an orange juice do? SECTION III: READING (6.0 points) Part 1. Questions 56 – 65 (2 points - 0.2/ each) Read the passage below and choose the best answer to each question. CAREERS Work should be a meaningful and (56) ___ part of one’s life. The (57) ___ of a career is, therefore, one of the most serious decision anyone can (58) ___. It is important to take in consideration your (59) ___ and personal preferences. For instance, adventurous people who enjoy an outdoor life shouldn’t choose a (60) ___ in an office. If you like to work alone, you shouldn’t look for employment which requires working with the public. If you enjoy working with people, you may like a career in a (61) ___ such as human resources. You should (62) ___ about finding out as much as possible about intended career before you finish your education. It may take time to (63) ___ for the career you want. Don’t accept a job if you haven’t got a clue what your working conditions will be or how much you can expect to (64) ___. Future disappointment can be avoided by talking to professionals with (65) ___ in the career you are interested in as well as visiting different companies and institutions. 56. A. comfortable B. productive C. exportedD. efficient 57. A. thought B. advice C. choiceD. interest 58. A. do B. set C. have D. make 59. A. facilities B. skills C. referencesD. contracts 60. A. workB. jobC. pensionD. business 61. A. branchB. departmentC. workplaceD. firm 62. A. set B. workC. lookD. find 63. A. run forB. practiseC. trainD. learn 64. A. bringB. earnC. obtain D. win 65. A. reputationB. employmentC. experienceD. experiment Part 2. Questions 66 – 75 (2.0 points - 0.2/ each) Read the passage below and choose the best answer to each question One of the factors contributing to the intense nature of twenty-first-century stress is our continual exposure to media – particularly to an over abundance of news. If you feel stressed out by the news, you are far from alone. Yet somehow many of us seem unable to prevent ourselves from tuning in to an extreme degree. The further back we go in human history, the longer news took to travel from place to place, and the less news we had of distant people and lands altogether. The printing press obviously changed all that, as did every subsequent development in transportation and telecommunication. When television came along, it proliferated like a population of rabbits. In 1950, there were 100,000 television sets in North American homes; one year later there were more then a million. Today, it’s not unusual for a home to have three or more television sets, each with cable access to perhaps over a hundred channels. News is the subject of many of those channels, and on several of them it runs 24 hours a day. 19
  20. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 What’s more, after the traumatic events of September 11, 2001, live newscasts were paired with perennial text crawls across the bottom of the screen – so that viewers could stay abreast of every story all the time. Needless to say, the news that is reported to us is not good news, but rather disturbing images and sound bytes alluding to disaster (natural and man-made), upheaval, crime, scandal, war, and the like. Compounding the problem is that when actual breaking news is scarce, most broadcasts fill in with waistline, hairline, or very existence in the future. This variety of story tends to treat with equal alarm a potentially lethal flu outbreak and the bogus claims of a wrinkle cream that over promises smooth skin. Are humans meant to be able to process so much trauma – not to mention so much overblown anticipation of potential trauma – at once? The human brain, remember, is programmed to slip into alarm mode when danger looms. Danger looms for someone, somewhere at every moment. Exposing ourselves to such input without respite and without perspective cannot be anything other than a source of chronic stress. 66. According to the passage, which of the following has contributed to the intense nature of twenty-first- century stress? A. An overabundance of special newsB. The degree to which stress affects our life C. Our inability to control ourselvesD. Our continual exposure to the media 67. In the past, we had less news of distant people and lands because ___. A. means of communication and transprotation were not yet invented. B. the printing press changed the situation to slowly C. printing, transportation, and telecommunications were not developed D. most people lived in distant towns and villages 68. The pronoun “them” in paragraph 3 refers to ___. A. TV channelsB. television setsC. TV news D. cable access 69. The word “traumatic” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to ___. A. boringB. fascinatingC. upsetting D. exciting 70. According to the passage, when there is not enough actual breaking news, broadcasts ___. A. are full of dangerous diseases such as flu. B. send out live newscasts paired with text across the screen C. send out frightening stories about potential dangers D. are forced to publicize an alarming increase in crime 71. As stated in the passage, a flu outbreak and the bogus claims of a wrinkle cream tend to ___. A. involve natural and man-made disastersB. be treated with equal alarm C. be scarce breaking newsD. be warmly welcomed by the public 72. Which of the following is NOT true, according to the passage? A. The news that is reported to us is not good news. B. Many people are under stress caused by the media. C. Many TV channels supply the public with breaking news. D. The only source of stress in our modern life is the media. 73. The word “slip” in paragraph 6 is closest in meaning to ___. A. release B. bring C. fail D. fall 74. According to the passage, our continual exposure to bad news without perspective is obviously ___. 20
  21. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 A. the result of human brain’s switch to alarm mode. B. a source of chronic stress. C. the result of an overabundance of good news. D. a source of defects in human brain. 75. What is probably the best title for this passage? A. Effective Ways to Beat StressB. More Modern Life - More Stress C. The Media - A Major Cause of StressD. Developments in Telecommunications Part 3: Questions 76 – 85 (2.0 points - 0.2/ each) Read the text and fill in one word which best fits each gap. The honey bee is a very unusual kind of insect. (76) . other insects which live alone, the honey bee lives as a member of a community. These bees live (77) in what is known as a bee colony. The head of the colony is called the (78) . bee. She is larger than the rest of the bees. Her main task in the colony is to (79) eggs. Most of the other bees are the worker bees. These bees collect nectar and pollen (80) . flowers. The nectar that is carried by the worker bees is deposited on the hive and then converted into honey. The worker bees also help look (81) . the young bees. as soon as the eggs are hatched, the worker bees feed the young bees (82) . pollen and nectar. The third (83) of bee found in the colony is the drone or male bee. The main task of such a bee is to mate with a new queen. The queen bee has a life span of about three years. During this period, she would have laid more than (84) a million eggs. When the queen bee is dying, a new queen would be groomed. This new queen would eventually take (85) the 'duties' of the old queen when the latter dies. SECTION IV: WRITING (4.0 points) Part 1: Questions from 86 to 90.(1 point- 0.2/ each) Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it. 86. He told me that it was wrong of me to leave early.  He criticized 87. It is believed that his father died in a car accident.  His father . 88. When the Minister was asked about the strike, he declined to comment.  On 89. As she grows older, she becomes increasingly cheerful.  The older 90. Although Jack took a taxi, He still arrived late for the conference.  In spite .  In spite Part 2: Questions from 91 to 92.(1 points - 0.2/ each) Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. 91. In the end, I felt I had been right to leave the club. regrets  In the end, I 21
  22. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 92. The company didn’t decide to replace this model. no  The company had 93. Paula said I had caused the accident. for  Paula . 94. She has always had a good relationships with her children. got  She has 95. You can get Tim to lend you his car but you won't succeed. point  There is KEY+ AUDIO: Đề số 24 SỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO KỲ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI LỚP 9 THCS TẠO Mụn: Tiếng Anh SECTION A: LISTENING (3.0 points) Part 1. You are going to hear two women talking about a holiday in France. Listen and choose the best option A, B, or C to complete the statements about the recording. Put a tick (√) next to the correct answer. There is an example at the beginning (0). You will hear the conversation TWICE. (1.0 point) 0. Paula is talking to √A. Meg B. Anna C. Peter 1. Meg says that A. she has been ill.B. Paula doesn’t look very well. C. she’s pleased to see Paula. 2. Before the trip, Paula A. was enthusiastic about it.B. wanted to go to the Lake District. C. didn’t tell anybody she was going. 3. Before Mark and Paula went to Paris, A. Mark’s boss didn’t want him to go. B. Paula arranged for somebody to look after the hamster. C. Paula’s sister promised to look after the children. 4. The journey across the Channel A. was very smooth. B. was unpleasant for Paula. C. lasted eight hours. 5. The only thing Paula liked about Paris was A. the weather.B. the accommodation. C. the shops. 22
  23. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 Part 2. You will hear a woman talking about a sports center. Listen and answer the following questions with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/ OR A NUMBER. You will hear the recording TWICE. (1.0 point) 1. What time does the center close? 2. What kind of sports equipment does it sell? 3. How long do you have to return faulty items? . 4. Who can give you advice? . 5. When is there a late night opening? . Part 3. You will hear some information about free cinema tickets. Listen and complete questions. (1.0 point) FREE CINEMA TICKETS Usual price: 5$ 1. Name of film: The Elephant Send postcard to: Radio South-West 2. Address : Road, Bristol 3. Before: July 4. Number of tickets per family: 5. Everybody will get a: SECTION B. PHONETICS (1.0 point) I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.(0.5 point) 1. A. change B. hungry C. stronger D. single 2. A. intention B. material C. mature D. intensity 3. A. rises B. houses C. raises D. promises 4. A. hand B. bank C. sand D. band 5. A. battle B. magic C. nag D. dismayed II. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others. (0.5 point) 1. A. national B. engineer C. interesting D. scientist 2. A. responsible B. environment C. importance D. residential 3. A. provide B. combine C. service D. account 4. A. difference B. difficult C. supporting D. beautiful 5. A. social B. reply C. contain D. appear SECTION C. VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR (7.0 points) I. Circle the letter A, B, C or D as your best choice to complete each sentence (2.0 points) 1. For the last few months, the south-central coastal provinces ___ significantly less precipitation and prolonged drought. A. have experienced B. experience C. are experiencing D. have been experienced 2. ___ my friends knew I was going to study overseas. A. Not much of B. Not many of C. Not a lot of D. Not many 3. There was a terrible accident last night. When I arrived at the scene, ___ injured had been taken away. A. the B. an C. one D. some 23
  24. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 4. Nobody wants to be the first to make a sacrifice, ___? A. does she or he B. does anybody C. do we D. do they 5. He always ___ the crossword in the newspaper before breakfast. A. writes B. makes C. does D. works 6. I know her ___ sight, but I’ve never talked to her. A. in B. at C. on D. by 7. "How about going fishing this Sunday?" - "___ " A. That's a good idea. B. Never mind. C. Yes, I am fishing. D. That's my pleasure. 8. ___ is more interested in rhythm than in melody is apparent from his compositions. A. Philip Glass B. Philip Glass, who C. That Philip Glass D. Because Philip Glass 9. I don’t see any___ in arriving early at the theatre. A. cause B. point C. reason D. aim 10. You will have to ___ your holiday if you are too ill to travel. A. put out B. put off C. put down D. put up II. Give the correct form of the bold words in brackets. (2.0 points) 1. He is very anxious about the of his passport. (LOSE) 2. I enjoyed the book very much, because it was so (READ) 3. It is very to live in a damp room. (HEALTH) 4. He promised to come, but he is very (RELY) 5. Naturally, I was very eager to make a good first . (IMPRESS) 6. I find your magazine very (INFORM) 7. Their has lasted a lifetime. (FRIEND) 8. Her boss accused her of being over (AMBITION) 9. In some places the weather changes so quickly that it’s very (PREDICT) 10. We always have a spare room in case visitors arrive (EXPECT) III. Put the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets. (2.0 points) 1. He wore dark glasses to avoid (recognize) . 2. You always (complain) about my cooking. 3. Lan bought a new English book yesterday. She (read) it tonight. 4. I could tell at a glance that the pile of the letters on my desk had been disturbed while I (be) out. 5. I will return the book as soon as I finish (read) it. 6. He wishes that it (rain) now. 7. He can’t send e-mail because he (not get) a modern for his computer. 8. She has (do) her homework every day. 9. Hardly he (take) up the book when the phone rang. 10.Were I your age, I (do) differently. 24
  25. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 Your answer: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. IV. There are 10 mistakes in the below paragraph. Find out the mistakes by underlining them and suggest the correction as the example(2.0 points) In many countries in the process of industrialize, 1 overcrowded cities present a major problem. The 2 underpopulation of towns is mainly caused by the drift of great 3 numbers of people in the rural areas. The only long-term 4 solution is make life in the areas more attractively, which would 5 encourage people to stay here. This could be achieved by 6 providing incentives to people to go and work in the villages. 7 Moreover, facilities in the rural areas, so as transportation, 8 health, and educational services should be improved. 9 10 SECTION D. READING COMPREHENSION (5. 0 points) I. Read the following passage and choose the best answer to complete the sentences. Write A, B, C or D on your answer sheet. (1.0 point) The agricultural revolution in the nineteenth century involved two things: the invention of labor– saving machinery and development of scientific agriculture. Labor-saving machinery naturally appeared first where labor was scarce. “In Europe,” said Thomas Jefferson, “the object is to make the most of their land, labor being abundant; here it is to make the most of our labor, land being abundant”. It was in the United States, therefore, that the great advances in 19th century agricultural machinery first came. At the opening of the century, with the exception of a crude plough, farmers could have carried practically all of the existing agricultural implements on their backs; by 1860, most of the machinery in use today had been designed in an early form. The most important of the early inventions was the iron plough. As early as 1790 Charles Newbold of New Jersey had been working on the idea of a cast-iron plough and spent his entire fortune in introducing his invention. The farmers, however, were not interested in it, claiming that the iron poisoned the soil and made the weeds grow. Nevertheless, many people devoted their attention to the plough, until in 1869 James Oliver of Indiana turned out the first chilled-steel plough. 1. What is the main topic of the passage? A. The need for agricultural advances to help feed a growing population. B. The development of safer machines demanded by the labor movement. C. Machinery that contributed to the agricultural revolution. D. New Jersey as a leader in the agricultural revolution. 2. Which of the following can be inferred from what Thomas Jefferson said? A. Europe was changing more quickly than the United States. B. Europe had greater need of farm machinery than the United States did. C. The United States was finally running out of good farmland. 25
  26. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 D. There was a shortage of workers on the United States farms. 3. What point is the author making by stating that farmers could carry nearly all their tools on their backs? A. Farmers had few tools before the agricultural revolution. B. People in the United States were traditionally self-reliant. C. Life on the farm was extremely difficult. D. New tools were designed to be portable. 4. According to the passage, which of the following statements about Charles Newbold is true? A. He was James Oliver’s assistant. B. He spent his own money to promote his invention. C. He was opposed to scientific agriculture. D. He was born in Europe. 5. Why did farmer reject Newbold’s plough? A. Their horses were frightened by it. B. They preferred lighter tools. C. It was too expensive. D. They thought it would destroy the land. Your answer: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. II. Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with the correct answer. Identify your choice by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D. (2.0 points) The popular image of student life is of young people with few responsibilities enjoying themselves and (1)___ very little work. This is often not true. Many older people now study at college or university, sometimes (2)___ a part-time basis while having a job and looking after a family. These students are often (3)___ motivated and work very hard. Younger students are often thought to be lazy and careless about money but this (4)___ is changing. In Britain reduced government support for higher education means that students can no longer rely on having their expenses (5)___ for them. Formerly, students received a grant towards their living expenses. Now most can only get a loan (6)___ has to be paid back. Since 1999 they have paid over 1 000 towards tuition (7)___ and this amount will increase up to a maximum of 3000. In the US students already (8)___ pay for tuition and room and board. Many get a financial aid package which may (9)___ grants, scholarships and loans. The fear of having large debts places (10)___ pressure on students and many take part-time jobs during the term and work full-time in the vacations. 1. A. producing B. doing C. making D. carrying 2. A. on B. with C. for D. at 3. A. mainly B. absolutely C. highly D. adequately 4. A. position B. condition C. state D. situation 5. A. to pay B. pay C. paying D. paid 6. A. who B. what C. which D. whether 7. A. charge B. allowances C. money D. fees 26
  27. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 8. A. had better B. may C. have to D. should 9. A. consist B. belong C. include D. compose 10.A. large B. generous C. considerate D. considerable Your answer: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. III. Fill in each of the blanks with one suitable word. (2.0 points) THE TROUBLE A man (1) into a bar and (2) to the barman, “Give me a glass of beer before trouble starts!” The (3) was very surprised but he (4) the man a glass of beer. The man drank (5) quickly then he said, “Give me one more before trouble starts!” The barman said nothing (6) he gave the man another (7) The man drank that glass very very quickly and then he said, “One more, please. One more before trouble starts.” This time the barman was (8) busy so he gave the man the (9) glass. Then he asked the man worriedly, “What is the (10) you are talking about?” The man drank the glass of beer quickly and answered, “The trouble is that I haven’t got any money.” Your answer: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. SECTION E. WRITING (4.0 points) I. Using the word given in each bracket and other words to complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first. You must use between three and five words. DO NOT CHANGE THE WORD GIVEN IN BOLD. Write your answer on the answer sheet. (1.0 point) 1. You mustn’t miss this opportunity to visit Sydney. ( advantage ) -> You must this opportunity to visit Sydney. 2. If Joe doesn't change his ways, he will be punished by his teacher. ( unless) -> . 3. The last time we visited Kuala Lumpur was two years ago. ( for ) -> 4. I'd like to express my thanks for everything you've done for me ( thankful ) -> 5. " I'll take you to town" Nam said to Hung . ( offered) -> II. Rewrite the following sentences in such another way that it has the same meaning as the first sentence with the given word. (2.0 points) 1. As soon as we had finished dinner, the thunderstorm broke.  Hardly 2. It’s thought that he was staying in London at the time of the assault.  He is 27
  28. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 3. He always has his nose in a book and never pays attention to what I say.  If he didn't 4. “Why don’t you complain to the company, Jane?” said Mr. John. -> Mr. John suggested . . 5. The books interest me more than the films. -> I think 6. We live far from our relatives. We miss them very much. -> The 7. Nam is sorry now that he didn’t accept the job. -> Nam now wishes that 8. “They won’t give you these papers before Friday,” he said. -> He said I 9. In spite of having a good job, Mary was not happy. -> Although . 10. This is the first time I have been in England. -> I haven’t III. Nowadays, most students take extra classes. Do you think this is a good idea? Or would it be better for students to invest all that time in self-study? Write a paragraph of about 130-150 words. Support your points with examples and relevant evidence. (1.0 point) The end KEY+AUDIO Đề số 25 SỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO KỲ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI LỚP 9 THCS TẠO Mụn: Tiếng Anh SECTION I: LISTENING (3.0 points) (You will hear twice for each part) Part 1. Listen to the recording twice. Choose the correct answers to the questions. 1. Where is the man going? A. to a museum B. to a movie theater C. to a musical D. to a park 2. How long will it take to get to his destination? A. under five minutes B. under ten minutes C. under fifteen minutes D. under twenty minutes 3. What time does the place in Question 1 close? A. at 4:30 PM B. at 5:00 PM C. at 6:00 PM D. at 6:30 PM 28
  29. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 4. Where is the man going later downtown? A. to a party B. to a restaurant C. to a play D. to a business meeting 5. How much will the fare be for the taxi ride, not including a tip? A. between five and ten dollars B. between ten and fifteen dollars C. between fifteen and twenty dollars D. more than twenty dollars Part 2. Complete The form below. Write no more than two words or a number for each answer. Student Union Registration Form Name: Stefan Unger Degree programme: (1) Department: (2) Leisure activities: (3) Languages (apart from English): (4) Type of accommodation: (5) Contact number: (6) When can students use the photocopier? (7) in the Where are events usually held? (8) Which Union officer is responsible for van hire? (9) What will Union members be able to get a discount on? (10) SECTION II: LEXICO – GRAMMAR (7.0 points) Part 1: Questions from 16 to 36. (3.0 points - 0.15/ each) Choose the best answer to each question. 16. Learning English isn't so difficult once you___ . A. get down to it B. get off it C. get on it D. get down with it 17. George wouldn't have met Mary___ to his brother's graduation party. A. had he not gone B. hadn't he gone C. if he has not gone D. if he shouldn't have gone 18. Nowadays children would prefer history ___ in more practical ways. A. to be taught B. teach C. be taught D. to teach 19. John has a monthly bank ___ sent to him so that he knows how much there is in his account. A. statement B. overdraft C. cheque D. balance 20. Can you list the problems ___ poor and ___ countries? A. facing/ overpopulation B. facing/ overpopulated C. face/ overpopulated D. facing/ overpopulating 21. In a few hours, we___ the test, and we’ll go home and rest. A. are finishing B. have finished C. will have finished D. will be finishing 29
  30. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 22. The doctor gave the patient ___ examination to discover the cause of his collapse. A. a thorough B. an exact C. a universal D. a whole 23. I thought you said she was going away the next Sunday,___ ? A. wasn't she B. didn't you C. didn't I D. wasn't it 24. ___ non-verbal language is ___ important aspect of interpersonal communication. A.  /an B. A/ the C. the/ D. The/a 25. We bought some ___. A. German lovely old glasses B. German old lovely glasses C. lovely old German glasses D. old lovely German glasses 26. I’m afraid I’ve completely lost the ___of the argument. A. streamB. threadC. traceD. idea lose the thread of the argument: mất mạch lạc trong lập luận 27. When the teacher asked Mary what the chemical formula was, her mind was a total ___. A. voidB. empty C. blank D. nothing 28. If you can win his attention ___for you. A. the so much betterB. the better so much C. so much the betterD. so the much better 29. No one can function properly if he or she is ___adequate sleep. A. took away B. deprived ofC. derived fromD. got rid of 30. I was so exhausted that I went out like___. A. a baby B. a candleC. a lightD. a log 31. Most of ___archaeologists know about prehistoric cultures is based on studies of material remains. A. whatB. theseC. which D. the 32. She ___fainted when she heard that her child died. A. rather thanB. nothing butC. all but D. near 33. She had no chance to defend herself : the dog___for me as soon as I opened the door. A. ranB. wentC. fell D. stood 34. John ___from social activity because he felt embarrassed with people. A. held onB. held offC. held backD. held out 35. I’m afraid Tim doesn’t take much care over his homework. He usually does it ___. A. any how B. any old howC. how on earthD. how come Part 2: Questions from 36 to 45. (2 points - 0.2/ each) Use the correct form of the word in brackets to complete the following sentences. 36. There is a feeling of isolation and professional . in schools. SECURE 37. Many candidates showed little . of the problems from the headhunter's APPRECIATE point of view. 38. The evidence from . times can seldom be interpreted with any HISTORY certainty. 39. He admired the . of relationships he saw around him. WARM 30
  31. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 40. The question of whether he was . remained for trial. NEGLECT 41. The first thing he discovered was that Newley had not died . ACCIDENT 42. All this she heard, even understood, but still she was . SPEAK 43. But not all . are valid in reference to pedagogy. IMPLY 44. Light . will be served from 3.30pm in the main hall. REFRESH 45. The white cliffs rise . from the sea. MAJESTY Part 3: Questions from 46 to 50.(1 point - 0.2/ each) Each of the following sentences has an error. Find the errors and correct them. 46. Some people often saythat using carsis not as convenient than using motorbikes. 47. It was not until the endof prehistoric times that the first wheeled vehicles appearing. 48. They asked me what happen last night, but I was unable to tell them. 49. Air pollution, along with littering, are causing many problems in our industrial cities today. 50. Nora hardly never misses an opportunity to play in the tennis tournaments. Part 4: Questions from 51 to 55.(1 point - 0.2/ each) Fill in each of the sentences with correct prepositions. 51. We are looking for someone who is skilled . giving presentations. 52. The company president didn’t want to comment . the scandal. 53. After graduation, Joan will apply to some local companies . a job as a graphic designer. 54. The plane took . and was soon high over the city. 55. You have to check . an hour before the plane leaves. SECTION III: READING (6.0 points) Part 1. Questions 56 – 65 (2 points - 0.2/ each) Read the passage below and choose the best answer to each question. In addition to the challenge to be excellent, American schools have been facing novel problems. They must (56) ___ with an influx of immigrant children, many of whom speak little or no English. They must respond to demands (57) ___ the curriculum reflect the various cultures of all children. Schools must make sure that students develop (58) ___ skills for the job market, and they must consider the needs of nontraditional students, such as teenage mothers. Schools are (59) ___ these problems in ways that reflect the diversity of the US educational system. They are hiring or training large numbers of teachers of English (60) ___ a second language and, in some communities, setting up bilingual schools. They are opening (61) ___ the traditional European-centered curriculum to embrace material from African, Asian, and other cultures. Schools are also teaching congnitive skills to the (62) ___ 40 percent of American students who do not go on to higher education. In the (63) ___ of a recent report by the Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills, “A strong back, the willingness to work, and a high school diploma were once all that was necessary to (64) ___ a start in America. They are no longer. A well-developed mind, a continued willingness to learn and the ability to put knowledge to work are the new keys (65) ___ the future of our young people, the success of our business, and the economic well-being of the nation.” 31
  32. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 56. A. doB. stayC. fightD. cope 57. A. that B. whoC. whetherD. what 58. A. baseB. basisC. basicD. basics 59. A. addressingB. deliveringC. distributingD. discharging 60. A. asB. fromC. withD. like 61. A. onB. intoC. forD. up 62. A. slightlyB. mostlyC. fairlyD. nearly 63. A. mindsB. directionsC. wordsD. ways 64. A. makeB. takeC. getD. bring 65. A. toB. atC. inD. for Part 2. Questions 66 – 75 (2.0 points - 0.2/ each) Read the passage below and choose the best answer to each question. Since water is the basis of life, composing the greater part of the tissues of all living things, the crucial problem of desert animals is to survive in a world where sources of flowing water are rare. And since man’s inexorable necessity is to absorb large quantities of water at frequent intervals, he can scarcely comprehend that many creatures of the desert pass their entire lives without a single drop. Uncompromising as it is, the desert has not eliminated life but only those forms unable to withstand its desiccating effects. No moist- skinned, water-loving animals can exist there. Few large animals are found. The giants of the North American desert are the deer, the coyote, and the bobcat. Since desert country is open, it holds more swift-footed running and leaping creatures than the tangled forest. Its population is largely nocturnal, silent, filled with reticence, and ruled by stealth. Yet they are not emaciated. Having adapted to their austere environment, they are as healthy as animals anywhere else in the word. The secret of their adjustment lies in the combination of behavior and physiology. None could survive if, like mad dogs and Englishmen, they went out in the midday sun; many would die in a matter of minutes. So most of them pass the burning hours asleep in cool, humid burrows underneath the ground, emerging to hunt only by night. The surface of the sun-baked desert averages around 150 degrees, but 18 inches down the temperature is only 60 degrees. 66. The title for this passage could be . A. Animal Life in a Desert EnvironmentB. Desert Plants C. Man’s Life in a Desert EnvironmentD. Life Underground 67. The word “tissues” in the passage mostly means . A. the smallest units of living matter that can exist on their own B. the simplest forms of life that exist in air, water, living and dead creatures and plants C. collections of cells that form the different parts of humans, animals and plants D. very small living things that cause infectious disease in people, animals and plants 68. Man can hardly understand why many animals live their whole life in the desert, as . A. water is an essential part of his existence B. water composes the greater part of the tissues of living things 32
  33. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 C. very few lager animals are found in the desert D. sources of flowing water are rare in a desert 69. The phrase “those forms” in the passage refers to all of the following EXCEPT A. many large animalsB. water-loving animals C. moist-skinned animalsD. the coyote and the bobcat 70. According to the passage, creatures in the desert . A. are more active during the day than those in the tangled forest B. are not as healthy as those anywhere else in the world C. run and leap more slowly than those in the tangled forest D. run and leap faster than those in the tangled forest 71. The author mentions all the following as examples of the behavior of desert animals EXCEPT . A. they dig home undergroundB. they sleep during the day C. they are watchful and quietD. they are noisy and aggressive 72. The word “emaciated” in the passage mostly means . A. living or growing in natural conditions, not kept in a house or on a farm B. large and strong, difficult to control or deal with C. thin and weak because of lack of food and water D. able to get what one wants in a clever way, especially by tricking or cheating 73. According to the passage, one characteristic of animals living in the desert is that A. they are smaller and fleeter than forest animals B. they can hunt in temperature of 150 degrees C. they live in an accommodating environment D. they are less healthy than animals living in other places 74. The word “burrows” in the passage mostly means . A. places where a particular type of animal or plant is normally found B. holes or tunnels in the ground made by animals for them to live in C. places where insects or other small creatures live and produce their young D. structures made of metal bars in which animals or birds are kept 75. We can infer from the passage that . A. desert life is colorful and diverseB. living things adjust to their environment C. healthy animals live longer livesD. water is the basis of desert life Part 3: Questions 76 – 85 (2.0 points - 0.2/ each) Read the text and fill in one word which best fits each gap. It is true that newspapers are an (76) source of information. Many people begin their (77) by reading the paper. In this way, they learn (78) is now on in the world. Sometimes, however, they don’t have time to read the news (79) and must read with a quick look at the front (80) . At other times, they may be in such a (81) that they have time only to glance (82) the headlines. 33
  34. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 Another type of publication which helps keep the population informed is the (83) Some magazines are published weekly. Others are put out monthly. There are news magazines, and magazines for (84) special interest as photography, sports, arts and music. Some are primarily for men, others for women, and there is a selection (85) children’s magazines, too. In the United States, there are publications for every taste and interest. SECTION IV: WRITING (4.0 points) Part 1: Questions from 86 to 90.(2 point- 0.4/ each) Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it. 86. It wasn't necessary for you to come to the meeting so early.  You needn't . 87. I drank such a lot of coffee that I couldn’t get to sleep.  I drank so 88. They couldn’t do anything to stop it.  Nothing . 89. She can’t sing as well as she used to.  She used . 90. The table was so heavy that we couldn’t move it.  The table was too . Part 2: Questions from 91 to 92.(2 points - 0.4/ each) Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. 91. The manager provided the staff with extra training. by  . 92. He becomes angry whenever people call him by his nickname. (temper)  . 93. I only managed to see the driver for a while. (glimpse)  . 94. It's possible that the thieves entered the building. broken  . 95. Do you think you could give me a hand to move the sofa? mind  .? KEY+audio lgo30ctROz_KsgeQvc5&index=2&t=23s 34
  35. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 35