Đề thi cuối kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 9 - Năm học 2021- 2022 - Sở GD&ĐT Thành phố Đà Nẵng

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  1. Đề thi cuối kì 2 lớp 9 môn Tiếng Anh Sở GD&ĐT thành phố Đà Nẵng 2021- 2022 I. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence or do as directed (2ms) 1. We ___ (checked in/ turned up/ set down) the hotel, then went for a walk along the beachfront. 2. The dishes ___ (what/ which/ whom) my sister has cooked are so hot. 3. They could understand our conversation if they ___ (will know/ know/ knew) some English. 4. I'd like to buy a ___ (bunch/ clove/ stick) of roses for my mother's birthday. 5. A ___ (satellite/ meteorite/ telescope) is a place of rock from outer space that hits the earth's surface. 6. A Japanese meal consists ___ (to/ for/ of) rice, miso soup, the main dishes, and pickles. 7. After Bill ___ (finishes/ has finished/ had finished) his homework, he went to bed. 8. My sister ___ (took/ picked/ looked) up some Spanish when she was in Mexico. II. Supply the correct form of the word in brackets to complete each sentence (1ms) 1. If you want to pay a more ___ price, remember to book the tour two weeks in advance. (reason) 2. We ___ gathered our things and ran to the bus stop (hurry) III. Complete the sentence with a suitable form, beginning with the letter given (1ms) 1. Reading is the best way to l_ _ _ _ _ _ your vocabulary in any language. 2. What’s the o _ _ _ _ _ _ language of Canada? There are two: English and French 3. Gagarin had flown into space eight years before Amstrong w_ _ _ _ _ on the moon. 4. Although my grandparents are old, they can speak English very f_ _ _ _ _ _ _. IV. Complete the sentence with the correct tense or form of the verb in brackets (1ms). 1. Her English is a bit rusty because she (not/use) ___ it for years. 2. Remember (go) ___ to the travel agent’s, will you? 3. When the teacher came in, we (talk) ___ happily about the class meeting. 4. That big hotel (build) ___ when I was 10 years old. V. Reading. 1. Read the passage and fill in each gap with ONE suitable word from the list for include in welcome more because (1ms) History will be made today when the Titan Moon Hotel finally opens its door to (a) ___ the first tourists to the moon. The $36 billion project, which has been delayed for three years, hopes to receive (b) ___ more than 50 guests a week before too long. The first tourist shuttle leaves (c) ___ the moon from the London Space Port later this morning. Guests on it (d) ___ the Internet billionaire Mira Xin and her new husband Bod Latchford. They are spending a three-day honeymoon there.
  2. 2. Read the passage and answer the question below. (2ms) Valentina Tereshkova was born in Russia on 6th March 1937. She worked in a factory. She loved skydiving and it was her dream to be an astronaut. In 1926, there was a big competition to find new astronauts, 400 participated, and they all wanted to go into space. The training program wasn’t easy, but Tereshkova was hard-working. She trained everyday. She was the lucky one. Her big day was 16th June 1963. In the spacecraft Vostok 6, Tereshkova managed to stay safe in space for three days. She was the first women in space and the only women to do solo space flight. Her face appeared on stamps in several countries. In 2000, Valentina Tereshkova received the title “ Woman of the Century” . In 2014, with seven other people, she carried the Olympic flag at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Russia. These moments were very important for her. a) Where had Tereshkova worked before her flight into space? b) Did Tereshkova take part in Winter Olympics in Russia in 2014? c) When did she fly into space? . d) What tittle did she have in 2000? . VI. Write a new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence or do as directed (2ms) 1. I can’t tell you Lan’s address because I don’t know it ❖ If I 2. The Japanese usually serve sushi with soy sauce and pickled ginger ❖ Sushi is . 3. The book is about Gagarin’s flight to the space. Mr. Henry gave it to me. (Use “which” to rewrite) . 4. Cullen can speak about Chinese and English perfectly. (Use “bilingual” to rewrite) .