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  1. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 KỲ THI CHỌN HỌC SINH GIỎI CẤP TỈNH ĐỀ SỐ 20 Môn: Tiếng Anh 9 Thời gian làm bài: 150 phút SECTION I: LISTENING (3.0 points) (You will hear twice for each part) Part 1. You will hear a radio interview with a ballet dancer called Elena Karpov, who is talking about her life and career. For each question, put a tick in the correct box. 1. Elena decided to become a dancer when she was ___. A. sevenB. nineC. eleven 2. At ballet school in New York, Elena ___. A. was the only student from Bulgaria. B. found learning the language hard. C. learned to be independent. 3. What does Elena say about the ballet called Cinderella? A. Children will enjoy it. B. The music was unfamiliar to her. C. She saw it when she was a child. 4. In her free time, Elena likes to ___. A. go sightseeingB. go to clubsC. go shopping 5. What does Elena often do for her fans? A. She gives them a flower. B. She signs one of her photographs. C. She sends them a free ticket. 6. What does Elena like best about her job? A. appearing on television B. doing something she loves C. travelling to different countries Part 2. You will hear a group leader talking to some students who are going to visit an important athletics event in Birmingham. For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space. Athletics Championships * Date of college trip: (7) 15th of March * It’s the largest single sports competition in (8) Britain * The number of national teams take part in is: (9)140 LEARNING ONLINE 2020
  2. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 * Number of sports people who will compete: (10) 520 * How the group will travel to Birmingham: by (11) train * They don’t hire coach because of the (12) traffic jams. * What group members must take on that day: (13) identity cards * Name of the website page: (14) B-l-R-l-N-F-O * The day that other details will be available to students is on: (15) Friday SECTION II: LEXICO – GRAMMAR (7.0 points) Part 1: Questions from 16 to 36. (3.0 points - 0.15/ each) Choose the best answer to each question. 16. The family could not ___ because they had forgotten their passports. A. check upB. check outC. check throughD. check in 17. You’d better drive. I’m too ___ for such traffic. A. experiencedB. experiencingC. inexperiencedD. inexperiencing 18. ___ during the storm. A. They were collapsed the fence B. the fence was collapsed C. They collapsed the fenceD. The fence collapsed 19. The reviewer ___ Mathew's new novel as a new style of modern science fiction. A. chewed B. digested C. described D. drew 20. She is wearing a/an ___ ring. A. expensive nice goldB. nice gold expensive C. gold nice expensiveD. nice expensive gold 21. Mary has trouble ___ her homework. A. to rememberB. to rememberingC. rememberD. remembering 22. She ___ her neighbor’s children for the broken window. A. accusedB. blamedC. deniedD. complained 23. Children should be taught that they have to___ everything after they use it. A. put awayB. pick offC. collect upD. catch on 24. Whenever problems___ we discuss frankly and find solutions quickly. A. make upB. come upC. put upD. turn up 25. Many young people nowadays are prepared to___ getting married to pursue their professional careers. LEARNING ONLINE 2020
  3. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 A. satisfyB. sacrificeC. preferD. confide 26. ___, we tried our best to complete it. A. Thanks to the difficult homeworkB. Despite the homework was difficult C. Difficult as the homework wasD. As though the homework was difficult Chủ điểm ngữ pháp: cấu trúc câu nhấn mạnh với tính từ However adj/adv + S + V, S + V = Adj as S + V, S + V: mặc dù đến thế nào nhưng Mặc dù bài tập về nhà rất khó, chúng tôi đã cố gắng hết sức để hoàn thành nó. 27. A learner driver must be ___ by a qualified driver. A. connected B. accompanied C. involved D. associated 28. A wedding is a good opportunity for ___ off new clothes. A. wearing B. carrying C. showing D. putting 29. He retired early ___ ill-health. A. on account of B. ahead of C. on behalf of D. in front of 30. I have had some summer jobs but I have never been___employed. A. everB. occasionallyC. rarelyD. permanently 31. Mary attempted to ___herself with her new boss by volunteering to take on extra work. A. gratifyB. pleaseC. ingratiateD. commend 32. The injured man was taken to hospital and ___for internal injuries. A. curedB. healedC. operatedD. treated 33. The soldier was punished for ___to obey his commanding officer’s orders. A. refusingB. regrettingC. objectingD. resisting 34. I love this painting of an old man. He has such a ___ smile. A. childhoodB. childishC. childlessD. childlike 35. Nowadays children would prefer history ___ in more practical ways. A. to be taughtB. teachC. be taughtD. to be teaching Part 2: Questions from 36 to 45. (2 points - 0.2/ each) Use the correct form of the word in brackets to complete the following sentences. 36. Reduction in government spending will necessitate further cuts in public NECESSARY services. LEARNING ONLINE 2020
  4. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 37. Good hygiene helps to minimize the risk of infection. MINIMUM 38. She at first wanted to be a lawyer but now she works as a doctor. LAW 39. In many countries it is illegal to smoke cigarettes under the age of sixteen. LEGAL 40. An investigation has been under way for several days into the disappearance of APPEAR a thirteen-year-old boy. 41. Nicholas frankly admitted that the report was a pack of lies. FRANK 42. There's a high probability that the children will follow a different career. PROBABLE 43. The northern part of our country was slow to industrialize. INDUSTRY 44. She has always been outspoken on our educational issues recently. SPEAK 45. The infrequency of the trains and the buses causes frustration and annoyance. FREQUENT Part 3: Questions from 46 to 50.(1 point - 0.2/ each) Each of the following sentences has an error. Find the errors and correct them. 46. The equipment in the office was badly in need of to be repaired. being 47. The governor has not decided how to deal with the new problems already. yet 48. Insulin, using treat diabetes and is secured chiefly from the pancreas of cattle and hogs. used 49. The people tried of defend their village, but they were finally forced to retreat. to 50. The president refuses to accept either of the four new proposals made by the contractors. none Part 4: Questions from 51 to 55.(1 point - 0.2/ each) Fill in each of the sentences with correct prepositions. 51. They enjoyed a popularity scarcely commensurate with their actual merits. 52. You are under no obligation to buy the product. Take it home and try it out for a week. 53. she was very sad because her father passed away last week. 54. But I am surprised by / at how much money they want to pay him! 55. I'm afraid; we have run out of apple juice. Will an orange juice do? SECTION III: READING (6.0 points) Part 1. Questions 56 – 65 (2 points - 0.2/ each) Read the passage below and choose the best answer to each question. CAREERS Work should be a meaningful and (56) ___ part of one’s life. The (57) ___ of a career is, therefore, one of the most serious decision anyone can (58) ___. It is important to take in consideration your (59) ___ and personal preferences. For instance, adventurous people who enjoy an outdoor life LEARNING ONLINE 2020
  5. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 shouldn’t choose a (60) ___ in an office. If you like to work alone, you shouldn’t look for employment which requires working with the public. If you enjoy working with people, you may like a career in a (61) ___ such as human resources. You should (62) ___ about finding out as much as possible about intended career before you finish your education. It may take time to (63) ___ for the career you want. Don’t accept a job if you haven’t got a clue what your working conditions will be or how much you can expect to (64) ___. Future disappointment can be avoided by talking to professionals with (65) ___ in the career you are interested in as well as visiting different companies and institutions. 56. A. comfortable B. productive C. exportedD. efficient 57. A. thought B. advice C. choiceD. interest 58. A. do B. set C. have D. make 59. A. facilities B. skills C. referencesD. contracts 60. A. workB. jobC. pensionD. business 61. A. branchB. departmentC. workplaceD. firm 62. A. set B. workC. lookD. find 63. A. run forB. practiseC. trainD. learn 64. A. bringB. earnC. obtain D. win 65. A. reputationB. employmentC. experienceD. experiment set about = begin, start We set about preparing the office for the move to a bigger building. Part 2. Questions 66 – 75 (2.0 points - 0.2/ each) Read the passage below and choose the best answer to each question One of the factors contributing to the intense nature of twenty-first-century stress is our continual exposure to media – particularly to an over abundance of news. If you feel stressed out by the news, you are far from alone. Yet somehow many of us seem unable to prevent ourselves from tuning in to an extreme degree. The further back we go in human history, the longer news took to travel from place to place, and the less news we had of distant people and lands altogether. The printing press obviously changed all that, as did every subsequent development in transportation and telecommunication. When television came along, it proliferated like a population of rabbits. In 1950, there were 100,000 television sets in North American homes; one year later there were LEARNING ONLINE 2020
  6. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 more then a million. Today, it’s not unusual for a home to have three or more television sets, each with cable access to perhaps over a hundred channels. News is the subject of many of those channels, and on several of them it runs 24 hours a day. What’s more, after the traumatic events of September 11, 2001, live newscasts were paired with perennial text crawls across the bottom of the screen – so that viewers could stay abreast of every story all the time. Needless to say, the news that is reported to us is not good news, but rather disturbing images and sound bytes alluding to disaster (natural and man-made), upheaval, crime, scandal, war, and the like. Compounding the problem is that when actual breaking news is scarce, most broadcasts fill in with waistline, hairline, or very existence in the future. This variety of story tends to treat with equal alarm a potentially lethal flu outbreak and the bogus claims of a wrinkle cream that over promises smooth skin. Are humans meant to be able to process so much trauma – not to mention so much overblown anticipation of potential trauma – at once? The human brain, remember, is programmed to slip into alarm mode when danger looms. Danger looms for someone, somewhere at every moment. Exposing ourselves to such input without respite and without perspective cannot be anything other than a source of chronic stress. 66. According to the passage, which of the following has contributed to the intense nature of twenty-first-century stress? A. An overabundance of special newsB. The degree to which stress affects our life C. Our inability to control ourselvesD. Our continual exposure to the media 67. In the past, we had less news of distant people and lands because ___. A. means of communication and transprotation were not yet invented. B. the printing press changed the situation to slowly C. printing, transportation, and telecommunications were not developed D. most people lived in distant towns and villages 68. The pronoun “them” in paragraph 3 refers to ___. A. TV channelsB. television setsC. TV news D. cable access 69. The word “traumatic” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to ___. A. boringB. fascinatingC. upsetting D. exciting 70. According to the passage, when there is not enough actual breaking news, broadcasts ___. LEARNING ONLINE 2020
  7. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 A. are full of dangerous diseases such as flu. B. send out live newscasts paired with text across the screen C. send out frightening stories about potential dangers D. are forced to publicize an alarming increase in crime 71. As stated in the passage, a flu outbreak and the bogus claims of a wrinkle cream tend to ___. A. involve natural and man-made disastersB. be treated with equal alarm C. be scarce breaking newsD. be warmly welcomed by the public 72. Which of the following is NOT true, according to the passage? A. The news that is reported to us is not good news. B. Many people are under stress caused by the media. C. Many TV channels supply the public with breaking news. D. The only source of stress in our modern life is the media. 73. The word “slip” in paragraph 6 is closest in meaning to ___. A. release B. bring C. fail D. fall 74. According to the passage, our continual exposure to bad news without perspective is obviously ___. A. the result of human brain’s switch to alarm mode. B. a source of chronic stress. C. the result of an overabundance of good news. D. a source of defects in human brain. 75. What is probably the best title for this passage? A. Effective Ways to Beat StressB. More Modern Life - More Stress C. The Media - A Major Cause of StressD. Developments in Telecommunications Part 3: Questions 76 – 85 (2.0 points - 0.2/ each) Read the text and fill in one word which best fits each gap. The honey bee is a very unusual kind of insect. (76) Unlike other insects which live alone, the honey bee lives as a member of a community. These bees live (77) together in what is known as a bee colony. The head of the colony is called the (78) queen bee. She is larger than the rest of the bees. Her main task in the colony is to (79) lay eggs. Most of the other bees are the worker bees. These bees collect nectar and pollen (80) from flowers. The nectar that is carried by the worker bees is deposited on the hive and then converted into honey. The worker bees also help look (81) after the young bees. as soon as the eggs are hatched, the worker bees feed LEARNING ONLINE 2020
  8. LEARNING ONLINE 2020 the young bees (82) with pollen and nectar. The third (83) type of bee found in the colony is the drone or male bee. The main task of such a bee is to mate with a new queen. The queen bee has a life span of about three years. During this period, she would have laid more than (84) half a million eggs. When the queen bee is dying, a new queen would be groomed. This new queen would eventually take (85) over the 'duties' of the old queen when the latter dies. SECTION IV: WRITING (4.0 points) Part 1: Questions from 86 to 90.(1 point- 0.2/ each) Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it. 86. He told me that it was wrong of me to leave early.  He criticized me for leaving/having left early. 87. It is believed that his father died in a car accident.  His father is believed to have died in a car accident. 88. When the Minister was asked about the strike, he declined to comment.  On being asked about the strike, the Minister declined to comment. 89. As she grows older, she becomes increasingly cheerful.  The older she grows, the more cheerful she becomes. 90. Although Jack took a taxi, He still arrived late for the conference.  In spite of (Jack’s) taking a taxi, he arrived late for the conference.  In spite of the fact that he took a taxi, Jack still arrived late for the conference. Part 2: Questions from 91 to 92.(1 points - 0.2/ each) Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. 91. In the end, I felt I had been right to leave the club. regrets  In the end, I had no regrets about having left the club. 92. The company didn’t decide to replace this model. no  The company had no intention of replacing this model. 93. Paula said I had caused the accident. for  Paula blamed me for causing/having caused the accident. 94. She has always had a good relationships with her children. got  She has always got on well with her children. 95. You can get Tim to lend you his car but you won't succeed. point  There is no point in getting Tim to lend you his car. LEARNING ONLINE 2020