Giáo án môn Family and Friends special edition Lớp 4 - Unit 8: It's hot today

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  1. Unit 8 It’s hot today ! 1.Look , read and tick ( ) or cross (×) It's windy . It's sunny. It's hot. It's raining . It's snowing. It's windy. It's raining. It's raining. It's windy . It's sunny. It's cold. It's raining. 2.Look at the table above and write sentences , as in the example. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday : It’s sunny Tuesday :___. Wednesday : ___. Thursday : ___. Friday: ___. Saturday: ___. Sunday : ___. pg. 1
  2. Unit 8 It’s hot today ! 3. Match 1.It’s cold. a .Don’t put on your coat. 2.It’s windy. b. Fly a kite . 3.It’s hot . c. Make a snowman. 4.It’s raining. d. Don’t forget your umbrella. 5.It’s snowing. e. put on a sun hat. 6.It’s sunny. f. put on a coat. 4. Read the paragraph and complete the sentences with no more than . Melisa lives in a big town near New York. In winter, it’s cold and snowy. She never walks to school. She takes the bus .She wears a hat , gloves , a scarf and boots . In summer , it’s hot and sunny .She always wears sandals , T- shirt and shorts and she doesn’t go to school .Now , It is spring .She is wearing a T-shirt , jeans and trainers .She is in the garden .She is watering the plants. 1- Melisa lives ___. 2-In winter ,It is ___. 3-She never ___. 4-She goes to school by ___. 5-In winter she wears ___. 6-In summer , it is ___. 7-She wears ___. 8-She doesn’ t ___. 9-Now , it ___. 10-She is ___ pg. 2
  3. Unit 8 It’s hot today ! 5. Choose the correct word 1. Put on your sweater. It is very cold/hot today. 2. It is raining/ windy today. Take the umbrella. 3. Let’s go to the beach. It’s very hot/raining. 4. It is cloudy /sunny today. It may rain. 5. It’s snowing/ hot today. Let’s make a snowman. 6. The wind is cold/hot . Don’t catch a cold. 7. The weather is windy /cloudy today. Take your umbrella. 8. The weather is bad /nice/. Let’s go for a walk. 9. I like this weather. It is sunny and cold /warm. 6.Look at the picture and answer. Is it raining ? Is it windy ? Is it sunny ? ___ ___ ___ Is it cloudy ? Is it cold ? Is it hot ? ___ ___ ___ pg. 3
  4. Unit 8 It’s hot today ! fly a kite go swimming play in the park watch TV 7.Complete the sentences. a. I can ___when it is hot. b. I can ___when it is windy. c. I can ___when it is sunny. d. I can ___when it is raining. 8.Look and read . Write the letters and draw. red T-shirt 1.There are three clouds in the sky. A purple boots 2.It’s nice , sunny weather. ___ 3.The man is wearing purple boots. ___ 4.The man’s umbrella is open. ___ 5.The boy is wearing red T- shirt. ___ 6.The man is wearing blue coat. ___ 7.Draw two kites in a tree in picture A. 8.Draw a house in picture B. pg. 4
  5. Unit 8 It’s hot today ! 9.Choose the most suitable answer by selecting A, B, C, D. 1. What does Mrs. Smith do?- She’ a ___ A. fat B. policeman C. big D. old 2. What ___ do you like?- I like warm weather. A. season B. activity C. weather D. sport 3. It usually ___ in March. A. to rains B. rain C. raining D. rains 4.___ weather is often cool in Sa Pa . A. The B. No C. A D. Some 5. What’s ___ lunch, Ben?- There some rice and some fish. C. of D. for 6. How does your father often travel to Hanoi City?- ___ train. A. On B. At C. By D. In 7. What ___ are her eye?- Black. A. time B. class C. color D. subject 8. ___ a letter here ___ you. a. It’s/ on B. It’s/ for C. There’ s/ for D. It has/ on 9.___ walk on the grass! A. No B. Not C. Don’t D. Doesn’t 10 Practice reading the texts. Write the season. spring summer autumn winter I like I like It is hot and sunny. It is very cold. I go on holiday My children play in the snow. I like . I like . It is not very cold. The children go back to school. I like the flowers. The leaves fall from the trees. . pg. 5
  6. Unit 8 It’s hot today ! 11 Read the postcard and choose the best word 1.There are fish in the ___. a. coconut b. weather c. ocean d .flower 1.She loves to read .She reads ___. a. every day b .great c .nice d. Hawaii 3. In summer , I play on the ___. a. beach b .favorite c. every day d. great 4. I love my mom .She’s ___! a. great b. butterfly c. favorite d. thing pg. 6
  7. Unit 8 It’s hot today ! 12.Answer the questions with Yes, it is .or No ,it isn’t. 1.Is it sunny and warm in autumn ? No, it isn’t. 2. Is it cold in winter ? 3 . Is it sunny and warm in spring ? 4. Is it hot and sunny every day in summer ? 5.It’s summer .Is it snowing ? 6.It’s autumn. Is it wet and windy ? 13.Write the weather words pg. 7
  8. Unit 8 It’s hot today ! 14.Complete the sentences with one of the words from the box. a. The ___ ate the cheese. b. I like the shirt with the ___. c. We ate under the ___ tree. d. You have ___ toes on each foot. e. I rode to the beach with my ___. f. Hide ___ is at noon. 15.Unscramble the letters in a box and write the word on the line. pg. 8