Đề thi môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 - Năm học 2020-2021

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  1. THE MIDDLE TEST (2020-2021) English 6 Dinh Trang Hoa 1 Secondary School Points Teacher’s comments Name: Class: 6A A. MULTIPLE CHOICE (4,0 PTS) I. PRONUNCIATION (0,5 pts) Choose one word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from others 1. A. round B. brown C. cold 2. A. plays B. wants C.needs II .Vocabulary and Structures (3,5pts)Choose the correct answer to complete these sentences 1. Carrots , onions and cabbages are . A. vegetables B. fruit C. drinks 2. Mai is tall and her eyes . brown. A. is B. are C. am 3. Storekeeper: “How apples do you want ?” Lan: “- I want a dozen” . A. much B. old C. many 4. Tuan: “ How do you feel?” Nam: “ I'm I’d like a bottle of water” . A. thirsty B. hungry C. full 5 " are her eyes ? " “-They are black” . A.What time B. What color C. How many 6.What would you like breakfast ?- I’d like some bread and milk. A. in B. by C. for 7 does Nam go to the zoo?- He sometimes goes to the zoo. A. How much B. How often C. How many 8. What is Lan doing now? -She . A. skips B. skip C. is skipping 9. Is your hair long or short?- . A. It’s long B. Yes, it is C. No, it isn’t 10. Is there . rice? - Yes, there is A. some/any B. any/some C. a/an 11. My mother needs a of cooking oil. A. box B. packet C. bottle 12. His brother doesn’t like beef. He . eats beef. A. always B. sometimes C. never 13. Ba and Lan sometimes go to the park. They go to the park A. one a week B. once a week C. one time in a week 14. What is her favorite food? - She likes A. fish B. chicken C. beef B. READING( 3,0PTS)
  2. I. Use the given words in the box to complete the passage below (1,5pts) by , kilo , rice , of , goes , some , needs Every morning, my mother (0) goes to the market. She (1) to buy many things for dinner. First, she wants some meat, five kilos of (2) ., five hundred grams of beef. Then, she wants (3) vegetables, too. She needs a dozen eggs and one (4) .of tomatoes. Finally, she wants a bottle (5) . cooking oil and four bottles of milk. Then, she goes home (6) motorbike. II. Read the text carefully then answer the questions (1,5pts) Miss Mai is a teacher. She teaches English in a school. She is tall and thin. She is beautiful with a round face. She has long black hair with brown eyes. She has a small nose and full lips. She loves sports very much. In her free time, she often plays volleyball with her husband. On the weekend, Miss Mai and her children go to the zoo. They go about one a week. After work, She goes to the store. She wants some food and drinks for her family. Now, She is watching television in the living room. *Questions 1. What does Miss Mai do? . 2. What color are her eyes? 3. Is her hair long or short? . . . 4. Does she often play volleyball with her friends in her free time? 5. What is she doing now? . C. WRITING(3,0PT) I. Rearrange the words in to complete sentences (1,0pt) 1. black / Loan / hair / has / long . 2. noodles/ some/ He /like/ would. 3. Mai’s / drink / is / apple juice / favorite 4. for/ They/ never/ late/ are/ school. II. Make questions for the underlined words (1,0pt) 1. A bottle of cooking oil is 30.000 dong. How much . . .? 2. Lan feels tired and hungry. How ? III. Answer questions about you (1,0pt) 1. What do you do in your free time? 2. How often do you listen to music? 3. What is your favorite drinks? 4. Do you like chicken?