Giáo án Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 - Chuyên đề 5: Word Forms

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  1. CHUYÊN ĐỀ 5: WORD FORMS III. Supply the correct comparative form of adjective in brackets. Ex: He is (intelligent) more intelligent than his brother 1. I have never had a (delicious) meal than that. 2. This shirt is too small. I need a (large) size. 3. It’s (cheap) to go by car than to go by train. 4. A new house is (expensive) than an old one. 5. His lob is (important) than mine. 6. Nobody is (happy) than Miss. Snow. 7. John is much (strong) than I thought. 8. Benches are (comfortable) than arm-chairs. 9. Bill is (good) than you thought. 10. Sam’s conduct is (bad) than Paul’s. Answer key 1. more delicious 2. Larger 3. cheaper 4. more expensive 5. more important 6. happier 7. stronger 8. more comfortable 9. better 10. Worse IV. Complete the following questions with the comparative form of the adjectives in brackets. 1. Which river is , the Red River or the Mekong River? (long) 2. Which city is , London or Rome? (old) 3. Which city is , New York or Paris? (big) 4. Which mountain is , Mount Everest or Mount Fuji? (high) 5. Which language is , Chinese or English? (difficult) 6. Which animals are , cats or horses? (fast) 7. Which month in Vietnam is , October or December? (cold) 8. Which animals are , dogs or dolphins? (intelligent) Answer key 1.longer 2. older 3. bigger 4. higher 5. more difficult 6. faster 7. colder 8. more intelligent VI.Give the correct form of comparative in the blank. Ex: Nam is than his sister.(tall) Nam is taller than his sister. 1. Mr. Tan works hours than my father.(many) 2. Summer vacation is the vacation.(long) 3. Vietnamese students have vacations than American students.(few) 4. He drinks wine than Mr. Hai. (little) 5. Christmas is one of the vacations in America.(important) 6. This old woman has money than all of her daughters.(much) 7. Bill is than you. (good) 8. These shoes are than those shoes.(expensive) Answer key 1. more 2. longest 3. fewer 4. less 5. most important 6. more 7. better 8. more expensive V. Give the correct form of superlative. 1. This is a TALL building. → This is the building in London. 2. That was an EASY exercise. → That was the exercise of the test. 3. This is a COMFORTABLE armchair.
  2. → This is the armchair in this shop. 4. This is a BIG cheese burger. → This is the cheese burger of the McDonald’s Company. 5. That was a very BAD conversation. → That was the conversation I have had. 6. That was a DIFFICULT exercise. → That was the exercise of the test. 7. He’s got a GOOD pen. → He’s got the pen of the class. 8. This is an INDIFFERENT pupil → This is the pupil of my class. 9. He is a FUNNY boy. → He is the boy in the world. 10. He is LESS young than the others. → He is the young student of my class. Answer key 1. This is the tallest building in London. 2. That was the easiest exercise of the test. 3. This is the most comfortable armchair in this shop 4. This is the biggest cheese burger of the McDonalds Company. 5. That was the worst conversation I have had.6. That was the most difficult exercise of the test. 7. He’s got the best pen of the class. 8. This is the most indifferent pupil of my class. 9. He is the funniest boy in the world. 10. He is the least young student of my class. IV.Complete the sentences below using the correct form of adjectives. Ex: - Lan is Hoa. (tall) Lan is taller thanHoa. - Armchairs are chairs. (comfortable) Armchairs are more comfortable than chairs. 1. A new house is an old one. (expensive) 2. Motorbikes are bicycles. (fast) 3. My television is his television. (modern) 4. Summer is Spring. (hot) 5. Jane is her sister. (beautiful) 6. Skirts are dresses. (cheap) 7. Her English is my English. (good) 8. A bicycle is often a car in busy cities. (convenient) Answer key 1.more expensive than 2. faster than 3. more modern than 4. hotter than 5. more beautiful than 6. cheaper than 7. better than 8. more convenient than V. Complete the sentences below using the superlative form of adjectives. Ex: - Nam is student in his class. (young) Nam is the youngest student in his class. - These toys are in the toy store. (expensive) These toys are the most expensive in the toy store. 1. Nile River is river in the world. (long) 2. This book is of these books. (interesting) 3. Ho Chi Minh City is city in Viet Nam. (big) 4. They are students in my class. (good) 5 These house are in the village. (beautiful) 6. Winter is season in the year. (cold)
  3. 7. Airplane is means of transport. (fast) 8. He is person in the meeting. (important) Answer key 1. the longest 2. the most interesting 3. the biggest 4. the best 5. the most beautiful 6. the coldest 7. the fastest 8. the most important III. Supply the correct form of the words. 1. What is the (high) of that mountain? - About 2000 meters. 2. Lan is the (small) of the three girls. 3. Jane is the (young) of the two girls. 4. The country is (quiet) than the city. 5. Which color do you like (good) ? 6. We must (take) an umbrella. It (rain) . 7. The weather is becoming (cold) . 8. He (stay) there for two days when he comes there. 9. My best friend (write) to me every week. 10. You can borrow my umbrella. I (not need) it at the moment. 1. height 2. Smallest 3. Younger 4. Quieter 6. take, is raining 7. colder and colder 8. will stay 9.writes 10. don’t need IX. Give the correct words. 1. You must be when you cross the road. CARE 2. The most popular after-school in our country are ACT football, badminton and basketball. 3. September is the month of the year. NINE 4. Today we have literature, education and history. PHYSICS 5. Minh is at English than I am. GOOD 6. English is an and important subject. INTEREST 7. The library in our city has over 50 . EMPLOY 8. My birthday is on the of September. TWENTY 9. My parents work at a Secondary School. They are of English. TEACH 10. I visit my grandparents a month. ONE Answer key 1. careful 2. activities 3. ninth 4. physical 5. better 6.interesting 7. employees 8. twentieth 9. teachers 10. once III. Give the correct form of the words. 1. What is the of this tower? (high) 2.You should stay .(health) 3. How is the river? (length) 4. Lan was absent from class because of her . (sick) 5. He has a bad cold. He feels very . (pleasant) 6. I have an with my doctor at 5 p.m. (appoint) Answer key 1. height 2. healthy 3. Long 4. Sickness 5. unpleasant 6. appointment VII. Give the correct form of the words in comparative. 1. Which is the (big) city in Viet Nam ? 2. Spring is (warm) than Fall. But Summer is the (hot) season of a year. 3. Hoa is the (good) student in our class. 4. The Nile River is the (long) river in the world. 5. The city is (noisy) than the country. Answer key 1. biggest 2. warmer, hottest 3. Best 4.longest 5. noisier VIII. Fill the spaces with the correct comparative adjectives. 1. I am (tall) than my sister.
  4. 2. My mum thinks that cats are (good) pets than dogs. 3. A Mercedes is (expensive) a Fiat. 4. A swordfish is (fast) than a jellyfish. 5. A blue whale is (heavy) than twenty-five elephants. 6. You look (thin) than last month. Have you lost weight? 7. Bicycles are (slow) than cars. 8. Irene is (clever) than Silvia. 9. Max is (old) than John. 10.Computers are (cheap) than mobile phones. 11. Is your brother (tall) than you? 12. I think Spanish is (easy) than Japanese. 13. Our dog is (nice) than your dog. 14. Glass bottles are (good) than plastic bottles. 15. My hair is (long) than yours. 16. Sharks are (dangerous) than other fish. 17. This situation is (serious) than the last one 18. He is (smart) than his brother. 19. A dolphin is (intelligent) than a shark. 20. Elaine is (wise) than her sister. 21. Daniela is (funny)thanme. 22. Tony is (happy) than Max. 23.Sandra is (busy) than Sam. 24. The sea is (large) than a lake. 25.My job is (easy)than yours. 26. Health is (important) than money. 27. This car is (comfortable) than yours. 28. My house is (clean) than her hous 29. I am (strong) than you. 30. A baby blue whale gets (big) than a great white shark. KEY 1. taller 2. better 3. more expensive 4. faster 5. heavier 6. thinner 7. slower 8. cleverer 9. der 10. Cheaper 11. taller 12. easier 13. nicer 14. better 15. longer 16. more dangerous 17. more serious 18. smarter 19. more intelligent 20. wiser 21. funnier 22. happier 23. busier 24. larger 25. easier 26. more important 27. more comfortable 28. cleaner 29. stronger 30. bigger