Đề thi khảo sát chất lượng các đội tuyển học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh Khối 6 - Năm học 2022-2023 (Kèm đáp án)

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Nội dung text: Đề thi khảo sát chất lượng các đội tuyển học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh Khối 6 - Năm học 2022-2023 (Kèm đáp án)

  1. UBND HUYỆN . . KÌ THI KSCL CÁC ĐỘI TUYỂN HSG NĂM HỌC 2022-2023 PHÒNG GIÁO DỤC & ĐÀO TẠO ĐỀ THI MÔN: TIẾNG ANH 6 (Đề thi gồm: 04 trang) Thời gian làm bài 120 phút Section 1. LISTENING Part 1. Question 1-5. You will hear five short conversations. You will hear each conversation twice. There is one question for each conversation. For questions 01-05, circle the letter A, B, or C to indicate the right answers. 01. What was the weather like on Wednesday? A B C 02. How much did Mark’s pullover cost? A B C 03. What did Raquel buy today? A B C 04. How many students are there at the college? A B C 05. What is David going to buy? A B C Part 2. Question 06-10. You will hear some information about a cinema. Listen and complete questions 06-10 by writing NO MOTTR THAN TWO WORD AND/ A NUMBER. You will hear the information twice. CINEMA Name of cinema: North London Arts Cinema Next week's film: 06. ___ From: Monday to 07. ___ Time: 6.45 p.m. and 08. ___ Student ticket costs: 09. ___ Nearest car park: 10. ___ Trang 1/4
  2. Section 2. PHONETICS Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions. 01. A. many B. candy C. sandy D. handy 02. A. thick B. though C. thank D. think 03. A. music B. student C. muddy D. museum 04. A. choice B. cheese C. school D. child 05. A. house B. hour C. home D. hand 06. A. time B. since C. pine D. kite 07. A. foot B. mood C. flood D. spoon 08. A. some B. song C. month D. come 09. A. sugar B. sand C. sand D. singer 10. A. stopped B. added C. worked D. washed Section 3. LEXICO-GRAMMAR Part 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses. 01. His parents (watch) . television when he came in the room. 02. It was so cold that night, as a result, we both (not sleep) . well. 03. The sea (cover) . two thirds of the Earth’s surface. 04. Would you mind showing me how (operate) . the lift? 05. It is an important matter, so please let me (know) . your decision as soon as possible. Part 2. Supply the right form of each word in CAPITAL. 01. We were really happy because the film was very (INTEREST) . 02. They became (TIRE) . after such long hours of hard work. 03. It is (EXTREME) . cold in winter in that place. 04. I was happy to be among (FRIEND) . people. 05. (HAPPY) . is one of the most important in one’s life. Part 3. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the underlined part that needs correcting. 01. Smoking damages lungs, affects skin and hair, and contributing to other forms of cancer. A. Smoking B. affects C. contributing D. forms 02. He is so exhausted last night that he fell asleep at his desk. A. is B. exhausted C. fell asleep D. his desk 03. My brother usually ask me for help when he has difficulty in doing housework. A. ask B. when C. doing D. difficulty 04. Newly-born babies sleep almost all day, only drink breast milk, and eating. A. babies B. almost C. drink D. eating 05. In England, young and old people are fond for watching football. A. are B. for C. young D. In Part 4. Choose the best option among A, B, C, or D provided to complete each of the questions. 01. You couldn't help me with my homework, .? A. could you B. couldn't you C. will you D. won’t you 02. I want to introduce you to Sharon. She is . very nice person. A. a B. an C. the D. 0 (zero article) 03. Good students aren’t . intelligent students A. necessary B. necessity C. necessarily D. unnecessary 04. People should stop smoking . it is extremely dangerous to health. A. although B. despite C. because D. because of 05. When she came home from school yesterday, her mother . in the kitchen. A. cooked B. was cooking C. is cooking D. cooks 06. He will take the dog out for a walk A. as soon as he finishes dinner B. when he was finishing dinner C. until he finished dinner D. before he will finish dinner Trang 2/4
  3. 07. My new glasses cost me . the last pair I bought last month. A. more than three times B. three times as much as C. more three times than D. as much three times as 08. ~ Nam: "I don’t think English is too hard to study." ~ Huy: " " A. Neither do I B. I don't neither C. I do either D. I do too 09. Please, stop . noise and concentrate on your work! A. bringing B. causing C. coming D. making 10. It takes me ten minutes . to school every day. A. walking B. to walk C. walk D. walked Section 4. READING Part 1. Read the passage and choose the best answer among A, B, C, or D. IMPORTANT MISSING There is usually one important subject (01) . from most school timetables. Very few students are taught (02) . to organize their learning, and how to make the best use (03) . their time. Let’s take (04) . simple examples. Do you know how to look up words in a (05) ., and do you understand all the information the dictionary contains? Can you take (06) . quickly, and can you understand them afterwards? For some reason, many schools give learners no help with these matters. Teachers (07) . ask students to memorize pages from books tell (08) . to write ten pages, but don't explain how to do it. Learning by heart can be (09) ., but it is important to have a genuine understanding of a subject. You can waste (10) . time memorizing books, without understanding anything about the subject. 01. A. miss B. missed C. to miss D. missing 02. A. how B. who C. that D. whose 03. A. on B. at C. for D. of 04. A. any B. some C. every D. each 05. A. radio B. wardrobe C. dictionary D. television 06. A. advice B. notes C. sights D. time 07. A. which B. who C. where D. whom 08. A. them B. they C. their D. theirs 09. A. uses B. usage C. useful D. usefully 10. A. a few B. a lot of C. many D. few Part 2. Choose A, B, C, or D to indicate the option that is the best answer to each of the questions. ROUTINES Think about your daily life. Do you follow the same road to work every day? Do you sit in the same place in class? When you get dressed, do you always put the same leg or arm in first? You probably do, because we all have routines in our lives. Routines save time and energy because you do them without thinking, that’s why they are so important in the morning when your brain isn’t active. Here’s Jo talking about her morning routine. “Oh yes, I always do exactly the same things. I wake up at seven o’clock every morning, but I don’t get up till quarter past seven. I switch on the radio and listen to the news. Then I go to the loo and I brush my teeth. I have a shower and dry my hair. Then I choose my clothes and I get dressed. I don’t eat anything for breakfast. I just have a cup of coffee. Then I go to work. Yes, it’s always the same.” Routines are very useful, but they also make you uncreative. So sometimes it’s a good idea to break your routines. Get out of bed on the opposite side. Listen to a different radio station. Take a different routine to work. Eat something different for breakfast. Change your routine. You never know, it could change your life. 01. This passage is mainly concerned with . A. our daily work B. changes in our lives Trang 3/4
  4. C. our usual ways of doing things D. Jo's timetable 02. The word “them” in paragraph 2 refers to . A. thinkings B. routines C. lives D. time and energy 03. The word 'loo' in paragraph 3 can best be replaced with . A. toilet B. sink C. bedroom D. balcony 04. Which of the sentences is TRUE? A. Our lives could be changed if we change our routines. B. We shouldn't break our routines. C. People who have routines are unable to think. D. Routines make our brain creative. 05. According to the passage, routines are useful because . A. they save time and energy B. we all have them in our lives C. we can do them in the morning D. they make a habit of never thinking Part 3. Read the passage and answer the questions below. Our classes take place for three hours (01) . morning from Monday to Friday. The (02) . size is twelve and the average is ten. We use modern methods (03) . teaching and learning, and (04) . school has a language laboratory, a video camera and recorders. You will only (05) . successful in improving your English; however, if you work hard and practise speaking English as much as you can. You will (06) . a short test in English as soon as you arrive. In this way, we can put you in a class at the (07) . suitable level. The emphasis is on oral communication practice in a wide (08) . of situations at the advanced knowledge. You will learn how to use language correctly and appropriately (09) . you talk to native speakers. In (10) ., you will develop such study skills as reading efficiently, writing articles and reports, and note-taking from books and lectures. Section 5. WRITING Part 1. Rearrange the given words or phrases to make sentences without changing them. 01. by herself/ Linda/ to/ everyday/ cycles/ school. 02. Let’s/ out/ go/ for/ tonight/ dinner. 03. the/ right/ side/ there/ of/ the/ room/ To/ is/ a/ wardrobe/,/. 04. parents’/ follow/ you/ advice/ must/ your/ think/ I/. 05. My boss/ asks/ restaurant/ at/ to meet/ him/ me/ the/. Part 2. Paragraph writing. With around 80-120 words, write a paragraph giving your opinions on the benefits of doing exercises. Your writing should include: - The importance of being in a good health? - The effects of doing exercises to our health? - Your own recommendations to other people? ___HẾT___ Thí sinh không được sử dụng tài liệu. Cán bộ coi thi không giải thích gì thêm! Họ và tên thí sinh: SBD: . Lớp: . Trang 4/4