Đề thi khảo sát chất lượng môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 8 - Học kì II

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  1. ĐỀ THI KHẢO SÁT CHẤT LƯỢNG GIỮA KÌ II Môn: Tiếng Anh 8 Name: Mark I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others. (1pt) 1. a. ambulance b. bandage c. damage d. patient 2. a. hit b. tight c. injection d. sting 3. a. forget b. present c. overheat d. emergency 4. a. crutch b. school c. chart d. handkerchief II. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D (4 pts) 1. Calm___and tell me what happened. a. out b. down c. in d.up 2. Cool the burns immediately so as to ___ tissue damage. a. ease b. relieve c. minimize d. maximize 3. It’s nice___here with you today. a. that b. to be c. being d. so that 4. Do you mind___ your mobile phone for a moment. a. lend b. to lend c. lending d. lent 5. Glass is broken up, melted and made into new___. a. silverware b. hardware c. ironware d. glassware 6. She has already ___ his cup five or six times. a. refilled b. reused c. reduced d. recycled 7. Would you mind I borrowed your dictionary? a. if b. when c. that d. Ø 8. We ___ lots of photos on vacation. a. had b. took c. did d. made 9. Donna works in a shop that sells flowers and plants; she’s a ___ a. baker b. farmer c. gardener d. florist 10. I couldn’t find a guide-book ___ in English. a. write b. writes c. writing d. written 11. Would you mind if I turned on the TV? a. No. you wouldn’t b. Yes, you could c. I’d rather you didn’t d. Yes, go ahead 12. I bought this dictionary ___ learn English better. a. for b. in order c. so that d. so as to 13. I am delighted___you passed your exam. a. that b. to c. in order to d. so that 14. Tree leaves___to wrap things. a. should used b. should be used c. should been used d. should be use 15. Don’t just throw things ___. Try and find another use for them. a. away b. out c. down d. of 16. Ha Long Bay is recognized by UNESCO as a ___Heritage Site. a. nation b. world c. region d. mountainous III. Find one error in the sentences (1 pts) 1. “Could you mind sitting in the front seat of the taxi?” “No problem”
  2. ABCD 2. When I will meet her tomorrow, I will invite her to my birthday party ABCD 3. I always keep the window open in order to let the fresh air on. ABCD 4. Reduce means not to buying the products which are overpackaged ABCD V. Read the following passage and choose one word from the box to fill in the blank And answer questions. (2,0pts) waterfalls ethnic temperature destination province Dalat is the capital of Lam Dong __1___in Vietnam. Its name derives from the language of the local __2___group Lat and its meaning is ‘Stream of the Lat’. In Vietnam, Dalat is a popular tourist__3___. It is famous for its temperate climate, beautiful sights such as 4___and lakes. It is also famous for vegetables and flowers such as orchids and roses. There is a wine-making industry, too. The average _5___is 17°C, and does not rise above 19°C in the hottest season. Its temperate climate is ideal for agricultural production. derive (v) xuất phát ideal (adj) lý tưởng wine (n) rượu vang Answer questions 1. Where is Dalat? ___ 2. Who is Da Lat popular with? ___ 3. What is it famous for ? ___ IV/Rewrite the sentences (2pt) 1/ It is difficult to solve this problem. - Solving 2/ People wash the used plastic bottles with water. - The used plastic 3/ Can I sit here? - Would you mind 4. I passed all the exams .I am happy . - I am happy The end
  3. Listening 9.1 She broke her left leg. 9.2 Man: This is an emergency. Please send an ambulance to Sao Mai School. The address is 222 Le Quy Don Street, District 1. 9.3 Man : She fell off her bike, and was unconscious. Woman: Did her head bleed? Man: No. I don’t think so. 9.4 Woman: Try to keep her awake. The ambulance is arriving. Man: OK. I will. But tell them to hurry up. 9.5 Woman: She is fainting. What should I do for her ? Man: Leave her lying flat and keep her warm. Key 9.1 C 9.2 B; 9.3 C; 9.4 A; 9.5 B; IV. 1/ It is difficult to solve this problem. - Solving solve this problem is difficult 2/ People wash the used plastic bottles with water. - The used plastic is washed with water. 3/ Can I sit here? - Would you mind if I sat here? 4. I passed all the exams .I am happy . - I am happy to pass the exams. V. 27d 28c 29a 30d 31d VI. First slice the mushrooms. Next beat the eggs in the bowl. Then add salt and pepper into the mixture After that pour the eggs into the frying pan and add mushrooms to cook Finally fold the omelet in half and the omelet is ready to enjoy