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  1. NguyỄN Công Thành 090 2787 090 GRADE 6 REVIEW FOR THE 1ST SEMESTER    TEST A I. Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part. 1. A. teachers B. desks C. rubbers D. rulers 2. A. pencil B. help C. lesson D. new 3. A. lamp B. play C. stay D. crazy 4. A. bookshelves B. computers C. relatives D. presents II. Choose the correct answer. 1. I always our grandparents good health and a long life. A. hang B. decorate C. wish D. bring 2. There are many beautiful in our garden at Tet. They are really colourful. A. trees B. flowers C. plants D. balloons 3. This river is . There is a lot of waste. A. important B. interesting C. noisy D. polluted 4. . is the first person visiting your house at Tet. A. First rooster B. Lucky money C. Rooster D. Apricot blossom 5. I can't my timetable. A. finding B. finds C. find D. finded 6. We wash our hands before the meals. A. should B. won’t C. shouldn’t D. mustn’t 7. Where’s Tuan? He judo with his friends. A. is playing B. is doing C. play D. do 8. London is a big city, but Tokyo is than London. A. the biggest B. biggest C. bigger D. big 9. What your favourite sport? 1 Khổ Luyện Thành Tài Miệt Mài Thành Giỏi
  2. NguyỄN Công Thành 090 2787 090 A. do B. does C. are D. is 10. He usually in the morning. A. is jogging B. jog C. jogs D. jogging III. Rearrange given words to make sentences 1. places/ we/ throw/ at/ public/ shouldn’t/trash/./ =>___ 2. to/ this/ a/ she/ pagoda/ will/go/ Sunday/./ =>___ 3. team/ going/ are/ plant/ trees/ our/ some/to/./ =>___ 4. is/ in/ this/ the/ book/ store/ best/ the/./ =>___ 5. to/ students/ uniform/ must/ wear/ Vietnam/ in /school/./ =>___ IV. Choose the correct option A, B, C or D for each the gap to complete the passage below. Ha Long Bay is in Quang Ninh Province. It has many (1) and caves. The islands are named after things around us. (2) the bay you can find Rooster and Hen Island and even Man’s Head Island. You must (3) a boat ride around the islands – it’s essential! Tuan Chau is (4) island in Ha Long Bay. There you can (5) great Vietnamese seafood. You can watch (6) dances. You can join exciting (7) Ha Long Bay is Vietnam’s most beautiful (8) wonder. 1. A. rocks B. islands C. island D. lakes 2. A. On B. At C. In D. Over 3. A. to take B. taking C. take D. to taking 4. A. the biggest B. big C. biggest D. bigger 5. A. to enjoy B. enjoy C. enjoying D. enjoyed 6. A. historic B. good C. traditional D. difficult 2 Khổ Luyện Thành Tài Miệt Mài Thành Giỏi
  3. NguyỄN Công Thành 090 2787 090 7. A. activity B. acts C. activities D. actions 8. A. natural B. nature C. local D. international V. Give the correct form of the verbs 1. Every day she (get) up at 5.00, but today she (get ) . . up at 6.00. 2. The children (walk) to school now. 3. Lan never ( go ) camping in winter. 4. David ( travel ) to Viet nam by plane now? TEST B I. Circle the word whose underlined, bold part is pronounced differently from the others (1p) 1. A. bus B. drugstore C. museum D. lunch 2. A. engineer B. between C. teeth D. greeting 3. A. read B. teacher C. eat D. breakfast 4. A. town B. down C. window D. shower II. Circle the best words or phrases to complete the sentences (3ps) 5 - Hi, ___ name is Phong. I’m a student. A. my B. his C. her D. our 6 - ___ do you live? I live on Tran Phu street. A. What B. Where C. Who D. How 7 - What is ___? It is a schoolbag. A. these B. those C. they D. this 8 - Every morning, Ba ___ up at six o’clock. A. to get B. get C. gets D. is getting 9 - When do you have English? I have it ___ Monday and Thursday. 3 Khổ Luyện Thành Tài Miệt Mài Thành Giỏi
  4. NguyỄN Công Thành 090 2787 090 A. at B. on C. for D. in 10 - What time ___ you get up? I get up at five o’clock. A. do B. does C. is D. are 11 - Are there any flowers to the left of your house? ___. A. Yes, there are B. Yes, there is C. No, there isn’t D. Yes, they do 12 - I go to the ___ to send the letter. A. supermarket B. zoo C. post office D. bank 13 - Which sentence is correct? A. Do your brother watches TV in the evening? B. Is your brother watches TV in the evening? C. Does your brother watches TV in the evening? D. Does your brother watch TV in the evening? 14 - Which sentence is correct? A. There is a flower garden to the left of the house. B. There is a flowers garden to the left of the house. C. There is a flower garden the left of the house. D. There is a flower gardens to the left of the house. 15 - “ It’s 9:45 now.” means: ___. A. It’s nine past forty- five. B. It’s a quarter to ten C. It’s forty- five nine D. It’s a quarter to nine. 16 - There/ big/ well/ front/ house/. (Chose the correct sentence) A. There is big well in front of the house. B. There are big wells in front of the house. C. There is a big well in front of the house. D. There are big well in front of the house. III. Choose the words that are NOT correct. (0.5 p) 17 - Phuong lives(A) in a(B) apartment in (C) town (D). 18 - Ba brush (A) his(B) teeth(C) every (D)morning. IV. Read the passage and do the tasks below: 4 Khổ Luyện Thành Tài Miệt Mài Thành Giỏi
  5. NguyỄN Công Thành 090 2787 090 Nga is twelve years old. She is in grade six, class 6A1. She lives in a house with her mother, father and sister. Their house is next to a bookstore. In the neighborhood, there is a hospital, a market and a stadium. Nga's father is a doctor. He works in the hospital. Her mother works in the super market. Nga goes to school at six- thirty in the morning. She has classes from seven to eleven thirty. 1. Decide whether these statements are True (T) or False (F) (1p) ___ 19 - There are four people in Nga's family. ___ 20 - Nga's father works in the factory. ___ 21 - Her mother works in the supermarket. ___ 22 - Classes start at seven and finish at twelve. 2. Answer the questions (2ps) 23 - How old is Nga ? =>___. 24 - What does her father do? =>___. 25 - Is their house next to a hospital? =>___. 26 - What time do her classes finish? =>___. V. Match the questions in column A with the answers in column B. (1.5ps) A B YOUR ANSWERS 27. What is behind your house? A. Yes, there is. 27 -> 28. Do boys watch television? B. L-A-N 28 -> 29. Does Nam listen to music? C. There are twenty. 29 -> 30. How many classes are there in your school? D. No, they don't. 30 -> 31. Is there a book on the table? E. Yes, he does. 31 -> 32. How do you spell your name? F. The river. 32 -> VI. Answer about you (1p) 33. How many students are there in your class? 5 Khổ Luyện Thành Tài Miệt Mài Thành Giỏi
  6. NguyỄN Công Thành 090 2787 090 =>___. 34. How do you go to school? =>___. TEST C I. Find the words which have a different sound in the underlined part. (1m) 1. A. never B. often C. when D. tennis 2. A. eating B. reading C. teacher D. breakfast 3. A. Thursday B. thanks C. these D. birthday 4. A. writes B. makes C. takes D. drives II. Choose the best answer. (2m) 1. That is ___ film I've ever seen. A. the interestest B. the interesting C. the most interesting D. the most interested 2. I've never read a___ novel than this one. A. longest B. longer C. most longest D. more longer 3. My friends always do their homework. They're A. lazy B. curious C. hardworking D. talkative 4. " Would you like to come to my party next week?"-" " A. No, thank you B. Yes, please C. I like to do nothing D. Yes, I'd love to 5. They are because they do morning exercises every day. A. fine B. well C. healthy D. healthful 6. Hung often his bike to visit his hometown. A. drives B. flies C. rides D. goes 7. "What are you doing this afternoon?" –"I don't know, but I'd like to swimming." A. go B. do C. play D. have 6 Khổ Luyện Thành Tài Miệt Mài Thành Giỏi
  7. NguyỄN Công Thành 090 2787 090 8. The cat is sleeping of the chair. A. on B. behind C. in front D. opposite 9. Look! The students their new uniforms. A. wear B. wears C. wearing D. are wearing IV. Choose the best option(A, B, C, D) to fill in each blank. (1,5m) Oak City is a great city. There is so much to do. There (1) cinemas, parks and discos. It's got some great clothes and music shops, too. Oak City is very modern and (2) There aren't any ugly buildings and there's some beautiful scenery around the (3) Is there any pollution in the Oak City ? There isn't much pollution because there (4) much traffic. Everyone travels by bikes and (5) , so there aren't many accidents. No one works, so everyone has got a lot of free time. Are there any (6) people in oak City? No – so come and spend a little time here. (1) A. am B. is C. are D. have (2) A. beauty B. beautiful C. beautifully D. beautify (3) A. country B. town C. village D. city (4) A. is B. isn't C. are D. aren't (5) A. walks B. walk C. walking D. to walk (6) A. convenient B. unfriendly C. modern D. historic V. Give the right form of the verbs in brackets: (1m) 1. Where's Tuan? He (do) judo in Room 2A. 2. Mai (take) a test next Monday. 3. Hoa usually (skip) ropes with her classmates at break time. 4. They (not go) to school on Sundays. VI. Finish the second sentence in such a way that is similar to the original one. (1,5m) 7 Khổ Luyện Thành Tài Miệt Mài Thành Giỏi
  8. NguyỄN Công Thành 090 2787 090 1. Lan's school bag is new. => Lan has 2. Does Thu's school have forty classrooms? => Are there ? 3. My house is behind the hotel. => The hotel 4. Ho Chi Minh city is more modern than Hoi An. => Hoi An 5. Please tell me some things about your neighborhood,please? => Can you ? 6. It is not good for you to stay up too late. => You shouldn't TEST D Part I. Read the passage and tick (v) True or False. (5pts) My name is Trang. I live in a house near the sea. It's an old house , about 100 years old, and it's very small. It has two floors. There are two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. The bedrooms are upstairs. The bathroom is next to the kitchen. There is a lovely fireplace in the living room. There is a beautiful garden in front of the house. I live with my parents. I play badminton with my father in my free time. We have a lot of fun. I love my house very much. Questions True False 0. Trang lives in an old house. v 01. Trang doesn't live far from the beach 02. There are five rooms in her house 03. The bedrooms are on the second floor 04. There is a garden to the left of the house 05. She plays badminton with her father in her free time. Part II. Read the passage carefully and fill in each space with one sentence provided below. (0) is done as an example. (5pts) My uncle Terry Miller lives in London. (0.___D___). He goes to work every working day. (1.___): Saturday and Sunday. He has a bicycle but he never cycles to work 8 Khổ Luyện Thành Tài Miệt Mài Thành Giỏi
  9. NguyỄN Công Thành 090 2787 090 (2.___). The school starts at 8.00 a.m. and finishes at 4.00 p.m. After work (3.___) or goes swimming in the swimming pool. He comes back home at 7.00, and has dinner. After dinner, (4.___) his students' papers. Sometimes he watches TV. (5.___), but he likes watching football matches on TV. He feels happy with his job. A. He never plays football. B. Because it is very far from his house to his school. C. He has two days off a week. D. He teaches Math at a school in London. E. He usually plays tennis. F. He is always busy marking. Part III - Read, then choose the best answer. (10 pts) Viet nam is (01.). tropical country. There are only two (02.). in Viet nam: the dry season and the (03.). season. It oftens rains in the rainny season. The.(.04.). is wet and humid. In the dry season, it is hot (05.). sunny. There is.(.06.). rain, so the country is very (07) There are thick forests and (08.). rivers like the Mekong and the Red rivers. There are a lot of lakes and beaches,.(09) There aren't (10) deserts in Viet nam. 01. A. a B. an C. the D. Ø 02. A. season B. seasons C. parts D. countries 03. A. rain B. rains C. rainny D. raining 04. A. weather B. weathers C. season D. seasons 05. A. but B. so C. too D. and 06. A. lot of B. many C. any D. a lot of 07. A. fine B. greening C. green D. greens 08. A. great B. greats C. big D. greatest 09. A. so B. too C. and D. but 10. A. some B. much C. any D. a WRITING Part I. Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences. (5pts) 9 Khổ Luyện Thành Tài Miệt Mài Thành Giỏi
  10. NguyỄN Công Thành 090 2787 090 01. and fruit juices/ everyday./ drink milk/ Children/ should =>___. 02. the supermarket/ Is/next/ to/ the post office? =>___. 03. with us/ shopping/ tomorrow?/ like to go/ Would you =>___. 04. has small/ My English/ white/ teeth./ teacher =>___. 05. city./ This/ the/ is/ in/ the/ building/ tallest =>___. 10 Khổ Luyện Thành Tài Miệt Mài Thành Giỏi