Đề kiểm tra 45 phút môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 - Học kì II

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  1. THE 2ND 45-MINUTE ENGLISH TERM TEST Name: Class 6A Which underlined sound is pronounced differently in each group? (1.25 pts) 1. A. breathe B. fourth C. tooth D. warmth 2. A. class B. plastic C. back D. grandparent 3. A. polluted B. prepared C. recycled D. watered 4. A.hear B.clear C. bear D. fear 5. A. can B. ask C. have D. understand Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. (2.5 pts) 1. You can watch Harry Potter on TV ___ you can read it. A. so. B. and . C. but . D. or . 2. “ ___ a nice T-shirt, Trang!” _ “ Thank you” A. How . B. What . C. Which . D. It . 3. “___ films have you seen this week ?” _ “ Only one” A. How many . B. What . C. Which . D. Who . 4. There aren’t ___ good films on TV at the moment. A. some . B. any .C. much . D. a lot 5. If we cut down more trees, there ___ more floods. A. are . B. were . C. have been . D. will be . 6. That is ___ book I’ve ever read. A. the interestest . B. the interesting . C. the most interesting D. the most interested . 7. I’ ve never seen a___ bridge than this one. A. longest . B. longer . C. most longest . D. more longer I 8. That dog isn’t ___it looks A. more dangerous . B. as dangerous as C. dangerous than . D. dangerouser than . 9. In the future, we won’t go on holiday to the beach but we ___ go on holiday to the moon. A. must . B. can’t . C. might . D. won’t. 10. ___ you smim when you were ten? A. Can . B. Could . C. Will. D. Might Put the verbs in the brackets in the correct form. (1.25 pts) 1. ___ you ever (see) ___ a real robot at work ? – No, never 2. If the weather (be) ___fine , we (plant) ___some young trees in our garden. 3. I ( read ) ___that novel three times. 4. Maryam (stay)___ with us at the moment. IV. Read the passage and answer the questions (2.0 pts) In the summer holidays, Mr. Hung, Mrs. Lan and their children often go to Vung Tau for two or three days. They usually stay in a small house or a flat by the sea, but sometimes they stay in ahotel. Last summer they went to Nha Trang. They stayed at the Sunshine Hotel for three days. In the morning, Ba played soccer with his father on the beach. Lan and her mother walked long the beach and built sand castles. They visited Tri Nguyen Aquarium. They also bought a lot of souvenirs for their friends.
  2. 1. Where does Lan's family often go for their summer vacation ? ___ 2. How long do they often stay there ? ___ 3. Where did they go last summer ? ___ 4. What did Lan and her mother do in the morning ? ___ 5. . Did they visit Tri Nguyen Aquarium ? ___ V. Write full sentences using the given words (1.0 pts) 1 . What / expensive car! 2. My brother / go / Ho Chi Minh city/ since 2012 3. If / you/ work hard , / you/ pass/ the exam. 4. In the year 2030, / robots / be able to do all / housework / instead of /us. VI. Write a letter to tell your friend about " your future house" ( 2.0 pts)