Đề thi môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 6- Học kì II

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Nội dung text: Đề thi môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 6- Học kì II

  1. Name: The 2nd semester test – Grade 6 I. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences 1. These three Rs ___reduce, reuse and recycle. A. stand up B. ask for C. means D. stand for 2. ___ do you do judo? – Twice a week. A. When B. How often C. Why D. Where 3. Playing computer games ___ is not good for you. A. so many B. a few C. too much D. a little 4. I got good marks on the test ___ I studied very hard. A. although B. but C. because D. so 5. You should take an umbrella with you today, it ___ rain later. A. won’t B. might not C. might D. could 6. In my opinion, English is ___ subject at school. A. most difficult B. difficult C. more difficult D. the most difficult 7. We ___ our new teacher yet. A. didn’t see B. haven’t seen C. have seen D. don’t see 8. My brother often ___ soccer in his free time. A. does B. makes C. plays D. goes II. Choose the best answer for each gap to complete the following text. (1pt) Sydney is the (28) ___ of the state New South Wales in Australia. It is the largest, oldest and perhaps the most beautiful city in Australia. Sydney has a (29) ___ of 4.5 million. Its harbour is one of the largest in the world, and famous (30) ___ the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The streets in the city centre are narrow with many art galleries, restaurants, pubs, (31) ___ the streets in Paddington are wide and the house are big. 28. A. home B. capital C. continent D. country 29. A. pollution B. recreation C. population D. environment 30. A. with B. in C. at D. for 31. A. and B. so C. although D. but III. Read the text and answer the questions below : A robot cannot think or do things alone. People use a computer to control it. Today, robots are not very popular because they are too expensive, but they are very useful. They can help us save a lot of time and work. A robot can do the same work for 24 hours and it does not complain or get tired. In the future, scientists will design many types of intelligent robots. Their robots will be able to do many more complicated things. However, some people do not like robots. They fear that one day robots will be too powerful. 1. Why do people use a computer to control a robot ? → 2. What can a robot help us ? → 3. Are robots cheap or expensive ? → 4. Do all people like robots ? → IV. Rewrite these sentences as directed in the brackets. 1. I had a bad cold, so I didn’t go to school yesterday. (Rewrite this sentence with “because”) -> 2. Lan can sing very well. She can’t play the piano. (Combine these sentences with “although”) -> 3. We make the air dirty because we use the car all the time. (Rewrite this sentence with “If”)
  2. -> 4. most/ London/ tea/ is/ popular/ the/ drink/ in. (Rearrange the words to make a sentence) -> V. 1. a. natural b. solar c. planet d. fact 2. a. window b. show c. grow d. allow 3. a. think b. bath c. clothes d. through 4. a. pollute b. reduce c. reuse d. future VI. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense or form. 1. If we ___ (not stop) cutting down so many trees, we’ll endanger our oxygen supply. 2. Last year Mr. Johnson ___ (teach) us Robotics. 3. My sister is really busy – she ___ (study) for the exam. 4. In the future, robots ___ (do) things that people can’t do or don’t want to do. 5. Mark ___ (be) to Sa Pa twice. The first time ___ (be) more than ten years ago. 6. How often ___ (you/ do) household chores? ~ Every day. 7. Twenty years ago, most people around the world ___ (not know) what the Internet was. 8. If we dump all sorts of chemicals into rivers, we ___ (not be able to) swim in them in the future. VII. Choose the word that has the underlined pronounced differently from the rest. ( 0,5 m ) 1. A. camp B. plan C. plane D. badminton 2. A. sky B. thirsty C. hungry D. finally 3. A. ride B. night C. river D. tired 4. A. engineer B. geography C. language D. great VIII. Choose ( A, B, C or D ) the best answer ( 1,0 m) 1. Many students aerobics to keep fit. A. have B. go C. play D. do 2. We will have a to take care of our health. A. home robot B. doctor robot C. teaching robot D. worker robot 3. In the future, I will live .because I like swimming. A. in the mountain B. on the Moon C. on the ocean D. under the ground 4. My future house will have a hi-tech robot to the floors. A. clean B. cleaning C. cleaned D. to clean 5.We might have a . TV so we can watch TV programs from space. A. wire B. wireless C. wiring D. wires 6. Hoa has never to London . A. been B. is C. was D. be 7. VTV1 is a . channel. A. local B. national C. international D. B&C 8. In the future, we won’t go on holiday to the beach but we ___ go on holiday to the moon. A. must B. can’t C. might D. won’t 9. If we throw trash on the road, we will___ our environment. A. pollution B. pollute C. polluting D. to pollute 10. They couldn’t go on a picnic ___the weather was bad. A. because B. when C. but D. or IX. Write 50 -70 words about your dream house in the future. 1. Where will your house be? 3. What will there be in the house?
  3. 2. What will it be surrounded by? 4. What will help you do the housework? In the future, my dream house